HPC Fire Inspired's Latest Products and Technologies 2023


Hearth Products Controls (HPC), a leading manufacturer of the best fire pits and fire features, has done it again with its newest product launch this year, showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovation that is sure to revolutionize the industry.

Inspired by the concept of Kaizen, a Japanese term that signifies the pursuit of continuous improvement, HPC Fire Inspired focuses on meeting the needs of customers and is dedicated to providing exceptional changes and bringing new levels of sophistication to outdoor heating solutions. This kind of convenience and ease of use is a game-changer for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors and wants to make the most of their fire feature.

Whether you are a homeowner, designer, or builder, you don't want to miss this exciting opportunity to discover the greatest advancements in HPC Fire Features. Get ready to be inspired by the latest HPC Fire products and technologies in 2023!

HPC Fire's Smart Arc Ignition System

HPC is shaking up the game with the brand new ignition system that is going to blow your mind – Smart Arc Ignition System!

“SmartArc™ Technology improves electronic ignition without the use of a flame sensor. This new technology simplifies and makes the ignition system much more robust. Typically, flames have a thermocouple to sense heat, and we had an opportunity to eliminate that thermo-couple. Now there’s just an arc that goes off about every four seconds that monitors the arc to ensure the ignition of the gas. If the main burner gets blown out, it gets relighted by the arc. This revolutionary technology will become the standard in ignition systems for years to come in the fire industry.” — Sean Steimle, CEO of HPC Fire Inspired (Dayton, Ohio).

Unlike traditional systems that have a bunch of different components like a pilot valve circuit, main pilot, thermocouple, igniter, and main gas valve, HPC's Smart Arc is super streamlined. How? Well, it uses an electric igniter and a main valve, which makes it way easier to use and more reliable. An electrical spark opens the main valve, creating the ignition. It's like magic! 

Smart Arc Ignition System in TK Torch - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer 

Featured: HPC Fire Black Match Lit TK Torch Complete Kit (TK40MAN-B)

Oh, and guess what? CSA has already given the thumbs up to the Smart Arc Ignition as a component and it's currently under review for full appliance certification. 🙌🏻

You don't have to wait long to experience it. HPC TK Torches will be the first to feature this incredible system, and they'll be ready just in time for summer!

Say goodbye to all the complicated pilot valve circuits and plumbing that you see in traditional systems. The Smart Arc Ignition System is the future of outdoor heating solutions.

Home Automation Technology for HPC Fire Features

HPC’s Home Automation - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

HPC is always thinking about how they can make your lives easier. That's why they’ve developed the Home Automation Technology, which works seamlessly with systems like Google and Amazon. With just a few simple words, you can safely activate your appliance and get ready to enjoy your experience – no fuss, no hassle!

And if you combine the Home Automation with HPC’s signature Electronic Ignition units, you've got the ultimate convenience combo! Of course, safety is always the top priority, so they’re working closely with CSA to make sure they receive guidance and achieve full certification. With HPC, you can trust that you're getting the best possible experience.

HPC Smoker

HPC is introducing the new Patented Vortex Smoker that takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level! The technology is remarkable – it's made of robust stainless steel that can stand up to all kinds of wear and tear from the great outdoors. The conical lid elevates the food higher on the flame, improving smoke penetration and enhancing the flavors of your meals. It has a sleek design that holds the temperature well, ensuring even and efficient cooking.

You don't want to miss out on this latest outdoor dining advancement. It'll be available this summer, and it's gonna change the way you smoke your food! 

HPC Universal Gas Orifice (UGO)

HPC’s Universal Gas Orifice (UGO) - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Get ready for a total industry revolution, the Universal Gas Orifice (UGO) is gonna be a must-have tool for every installer! The UGO offers numerous advantages for you by simplifying processes and eliminating potential issues that could lead to costly mistakes. And don't worry about switching between propane gas and natural gas – the UGO makes it super easy and seamless.

In just a few simple steps, the UGO can complete the conversion process without requiring additional parts for fire features. The UGO is a well-designed technology that is certified by CSA and can handle Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LG). It can be paired with any of HPC's available technologies such as Match Lit, Spark Ignition, Electronic Ignition, Bluetooth, and Home Automation.

HPC made the gas orifice available in three sizes: 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" – which can be used with fire appliances ranging from 65K to over 400K BTUs. The HPC Team won the VESTA award for this technology.

Get ready to upgrade your fire appliances this summer with the UGO!

HPC Fire Inspired's Investment in Knowledge

HPC Fire Inspired's Investment in Knowledge | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

HPC has invested in its Research and Design Facility and HPC University to create an interactive experience with its product lines. The company believes in the principle of continuous improvement and understands that knowledge is power. The R&D Center and HPC University serve as valuable investments in education that enhance the knowledge of HPC's offerings for dealers and consumers, providing them with a more comprehensive understanding of HPC Fire Products.

Flame Authority, the No. 1 Trusted Dealer of HPC Fire Features, is excited to help you make even more unforgettable memories this year. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy fire pit or a grand outdoor kitchen, our expert team is here to bring your vision to life. Let's work together to create your perfect backyard oasis. Contact us today and let the fun begin! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Do fire pits increase home value?

Yes. Fire pits can potentially increase property value as they provide an additional outdoor living space and can be a desirable feature for potential buyers. However, the extent of the value increase depends on various factors such as the quality of the fire pit, its location, and the overall design of the outdoor living space.

Are HPC Fire Pits worth it?

HPC's gas fire pits are highly recommended for both residential and commercial use. The superior quality is one of the many reasons why their products are worth the investment.

How can I make my fire pit more fun?

There are several ways to make your fire pit more fun! You can add comfortable seating and outdoor lighting. You can also consider roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, playing music, and inviting friends and family over for a cozy and entertaining night around the fire. Make sure to create the best fire features with HPC Fire Inspired.

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