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    If you want to furnish your outdoor space with sophisticated fire furnishings or convert your traditional fire pit to an elegant gas fire pit, create your ideal backyard or deck with Firegear Outdoors!

    Why choose Firegear?

    Firegear Outdoors is the premier provider of outdoor fire features, firegear fire pits, fire pit enclosures, outdoor linear gas fireplaces, burner systems, and accessories. Firegear is all you need when it comes to building your own unique fire feature, the choices are endless with its huge selection of fire pit products.

    Firegear Products

    Fire Pit Tables

    Featured fire table on deck: Firegear Sanctuary 2 Fire Pit Table SAN2-34DBSAWS

    For more sizes, check out Firegear Sanctuary Series Fire Pit Tables

    Do you ever dream of having a fire pit on a deck? Keep yourself warm by the fire pit at night with these Fire Pit Tables!

    Fire Pit Inserts (Burner Systems)

    Firegear Fire Pit InsertFiregear Fire Pit Insert - Fire Pit on a Patio

    Featured gas fire pit under covered patio: Firegear 33" Round Drop-In Pan Brass Burning Spur FPB-33RPSBR21AWS

    Firegear offers Fire Pit Inserts. A wide range of fire pit pan inserts and ignition systems to fit every project. Sizes range from 20 inch fire pit inserts, 29 fire pit inserts, and up to 96 inch fire pit inserts. They offer different shapes such as square, rectangle, and round gas fire pit inserts. With these, you can build a fire pit on a patio, a gas fire pit on deck, and a covered patio with fire pit.

    Fire Pit Burner Kits

    Firegear Fire Pit Burner KitsFiregear Fire Pit Burner Kits

    Fire Pit Burner Kits are what you need to upgrade your existing system. Firegear has the best hardware that comes in a variety of shapes.

    Fire Pit Enclosures

    Firegear Fire Pit EnclosuresFiregear Fire Pit Enclosures

    Firegear offers Fire Pit Enclosures to make your installation easy from start to finish.

    Outdoor Fireplaces

    Firegear Outdoor Fireplace

    Featured outdoor fireplace under covered patio: Firegear Kalea Bay 60" Outdoor Linear Gas Fireplace OFP-60LECO

    Firegear also offers linear Outdoor Fireplaces to make your outdoor space warm and inviting. Experience the best backyard all year long with an outdoor linear fireplace, now is the best time to buy a gas fireplace!

    Fire Pit Accessories

    Complete your outdoor fire feature with Firegear Accessories! Ranging from remote controls, windshields, lids, propane accessories, and replacement parts. They also offer accessories that you can add on such as fire glass, lava rocks, and log sets.


    Can you put a fire pit on a deck?

    Yes. Firegear Outdoors also offers a fire pit for decks, deck fire pits, and other deck safe fire pits and ignition systems to suit your needs.

    How to turn on gas fire pit?

    Through the ignition system is how to turn on fire pits, such as Match Throw (MT), Thermocouple Manual Safety (TMS), or Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS).

    What are the best fireplace brands?

    There are many gases and electric fireplace manufacturers, but we can only provide you with our recommendations for the best electric fireplace brands in this article: Best Electric Fireplace Brands

    Shop Firegear products below. If you have any concerns about our products, you may call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556  or email us at

    524 products