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Majestic Fortress See-Through Series Gas Fireplace Review

Looking for a seamless gas fireplace you can install indoors or outdoors? Here's the Majestic Fortress See-Through Series Gas Fireplace, the answer to your prayers!

Seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor space with the Fortress see-through gas fireplace. The traditional style, expansive viewing area, and authentic look fit perfectly in a variety of spaces. Non-reflective glass, accent lights, and multiple interior brick options make this unique fireplace the ultimate in traditional luxury design. Enjoy the view both inside and out with the Fortress.


  • Accent lighting enhances the effect of the flame and illuminates the fireplace interior. Enjoy the ambiance, with or without the fire.
  • 30" tall fireplace adds enjoyment to your space
  • IntelliFire™ Touch ignition system monitors ignition and ensures safe functioning
  • IntelliFire™ Touch touchscreen remote control
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel exterior is rust-resistant even in the harshest conditions


Majestic Fortress See-Through Series Gas Fireplace Specs

1 Appliance Depth includes the entire unit including depth of firebox and extension onto hearth.

2 This is a general guide, see your local dealer for help in determining the product that best suits your heating needs based on climate, home efficiency, location of the heater, and air movement in the room.

Buy the Majestic Fortress See-Through Series Gas Fireplace today and admire its seamless and elegant design perfectly made just for you!