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Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater

by Bromic
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Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater Review

Looking for an industry-leading outdoor heater? Check out the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater and find out more about its features!

The Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas range represents the absolute pinnacle of outdoor heating products, combining elegant aesthetics with industry-leading performance to offer value and reliability to premium venues and homes. Able to directionally project a comfortably diffused radiant heat deeply into open outdoor spaces, the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas is the only gas heater in the world that utilizes glass-ceramic technology to manipulate infrared energy while achieving unparalleled wind resistance


  • Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen -  The Platinum’s signature screen spreads comfort evenly across an area while emitting a soft red glow.
  • Sturdy Construction -  Durable stainless steel structures house components of the highest quality, fueling reliable performance
  • Ceramic Efficiency - Slow-release ceramic burners efficiently combust gas to fuel the most environmentally friendly gas-fired heating method available.
  • Ultimate Wind Resistance - Patented screen and ionization probe technology enables remarkable wind resistance, functioning reliably in winds of up to 18km/h or 11mph
  • Elegantly Subtle Design - Equally at home as the stunning centerpiece or supporting from the sidelines.
  • Ease Of Use - Smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition allows users to simply set and forget.
  • Unrivaled Coverage - Projects comfort evenly across a wide range while reaching deeply into open areas.
  • Versatile Mounting - Reclaim valuable floor space through fixed heating with a range of ceiling and wall mounting options
  • Directional Control -  Easy pivot bracket offers adjustable heat direction and coverage
  • Patented Direct Ignition -  Automated direct ignition eliminates the need for a pilot, resulting in instantaneous ignition
  • Wireless Control Capabilities -  Genuine wireless control accessories allow seamless integration of remote heater control


Product Dimension ( Width x Depth x Height) - inches
300 Series - 22.1” x 16.6” x 15.9”
500 Series - 29.8” x 16.6” x 15.9”
Electrical Connection 110V/2A, 3-pin insulated plug
Gas Connection 1/2" NPT Female
Heat Output (LG and NG)
300 Series - 23,600 BTU
500 Series - 39,800 BTU

Approximate area heated (sq. ft)

300 Series - 160 sq. ft
500 Series - 215 sq. ft
Minimum distance to combustible materials (in)
Side : 36"(3")
Without heat deflector - Above (to ceiling) : 36"(3")
With heat deflector - Above (to ceiling) : 14"
Ceiling Poles  5 pole lengths to suit ceiling heights of 10.5', 11.2', 11.8', 12.5' and 13'.
Weight including wall bracket
300 Series - 45 lbs
500 Series - 54 lbs

Buy the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Gas Outdoor Heater today and enjoy a completely different outdoor experience!