Best Fire Pits of 2022

Best Fire Pits of 2022 | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


A fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor living spaces. They can be thought of as a necessary fire feature that offers warmth when you need it most, but for some, having a fire pit makes outdoor gatherings even more special and unforgettable!

However, it's best to consider your needs before buying a fire pit. Do you plan on having a portable fire pit for camping or are you planning to build a fire pit to use as a beautiful centerpiece on your patio? Which size do you prefer—a large fire pit or a small fire pit? Would you rather have outdoor gas firepits or outdoor wood fire pits?

Fire pits also come in different shapes, do you want a rectangular fire pit insert, a square fire pit insert, or a round fire pit table? Given the wide variety of metal fire pits and fire pit concrete available, you should also consider the type of material you'd like your fire pit to be made of.

Even though there are so many choices available, there will always be a fire pit for everyone. So don’t get overwhelmed, we got you! These are the best fire pits for the chilly nights ahead!

Our Top Picks

No matter if you're roasting marshmallows, setting up a tent in the backyard, or simply enjoying the warmth, the best fire pits are designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Our top picks are based on multiple factors including performance, quality, design, and durability.

Here are the Top 10 Best Fire Pits.

1. HPC Fire Round 54" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosures (U54R/25SSCEK-NG/120VAC)


HPC Fire Round 54" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosures (U54R/25SSCEK-NG/120VAC) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer



The HPC Fire Round 54" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosures (U54R/25SSCEK-NG/120VAC) make it easier to create a custom fire pit. It includes everything you need to turn a blank canvas into a unique outdoor masterpiece.

Features an HPC fire pit insert (round pan) kit and an electronic ignition set that allows you to easily start the flame using an ON/OFF button and HI/LO setting. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel construction, which makes it the perfect fire pit for outdoors and lasts for many years!

Just give it a finishing touch that matches your surroundings, such as stone, veneer, stucco, etc. And don't forget to decorate it with fire pit rocks, logs, or fire glass media to further enhance its beauty.


2. HPC Fire Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire Pit (TOR-TEMP31-EI-NG/120VAC)


HPC Fire Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire Pit (TOR-TEMP31-EI-NG/120VAC) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer



This HPC Fire Tempe Hammered Copper Gas Fire Pit (TOR-TEMP31-EI-NG/120VAC) is a fire and water bowl that gives your surroundings a modern, sleek pop.

It comes with a round gas fire pit insert that is full of fire and flames. The torpedo burner pit creates the largest CSA Certified flame, like a bonfire! This is the perfect fire pit for patios because of its high quality construction. Easy to install and looks great with fire pit stones, log sets, or fire glass media, giving you the flexibility to create your own unique backyard fire pits.


3. HPC Fire 60 x 24" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U60X24/36CEK-NG/120VAC)

HPC Fire 60 x 24" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U60X24/36CEK-NG/120VAC) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


The HPC Fire 60 x 24" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U60X24/36CEK-NG/120VAC) is designed for ease of use and convenience.

It comes with a small fire pit gas insert, an electronic ignition kit, vent covers, and an enclosure that allows custom finishing. It features a superior construction, made from the finest materials that have been proven time and time again to last longer under extreme temperatures with minimal maintenance.

Just add decorative fire glass media, lava rocks, or stones for fire pits to make it even more lovely!


4. Empire White Mountain Hearth Carol Rose 48" Outdoor Linear Fire Pit Multicolor LED (OL48TP18)

Empire White Mountain Hearth Carol Rose 48" Outdoor Linear Fire Pit Multicolor LED (OL48TP18) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


If you have been looking for a beautiful fire pit to add to your backyard, this Empire White Mountain Hearth Carol Rose 48" Outdoor Linear Fire Pit OL48TP18 is the perfect one for you. It has a reliable spark ignition system that lets you start a fire in only a few seconds, saving you time!

It comes with an integrated multicolor LED lighting system and optional glittering crushed glass, glass drops, and glass droplets (sold separately) that will add sparkle to your outdoor living spaces for many years.

If you want gas outdoor fire pit kits that are built to last and will give you years of enjoyment, then make sure that you get this Carol Rose 48" Outdoor Linear Fire Pit from Empire White Mountain Hearth.

See more sizes available: Carol Rose Outdoor Fire Pit Collection


5. Firegear Sanctuary 1 Fire Pit Table (SAN1-30LHTMSI)

Firegear Sanctuary 1 Fire Pit Table SAN1-30LHTMSI | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


A beautiful evening with your significant other in your perfect backyard? The Firegear Sanctuary 1 Fire Pit Table (SAN1-30LHTMSI) delivers!

This fully-assembled, concrete gas fire pit table is handcrafted from weather-resistant glass fiber. This table fire pit gives a modern backyard setting for your hot summer nights! This is a fire table that will fit right into any backyard firepit ideas, whether classic or modern, urban or southern.

Great for any of your gatherings or parties because it gives a romantic vibe perfect for your date nights. Enjoy sizzling flames up to 65,000 BTUs of heat with the turn of a knob. And when you're done, protect this fire pit with cover (sold separately) to extend its life.

Ships as natural gas but you can convert them to outdoor propane fire pit tables using a conversion kit (sold separately)


6. The Outdoor Plus Coronado Series

The Outdoor Plus Coronado Fire Pit Table | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


The Coronado Concrete Rectangle Fire Pit Table is a stunning, handcrafted table gas fire pit that’s already complete. The Outdoor Plus Coronado Series is proudly made in the USA using materials of the finest quality, giving you the quickest lead times.

Whether you're going for a floating deck with fire pit, a balcony fire pit, or just looking to expand your deck's entertainment system — this fully-assembled outdoor firepit will become an essential component. Patio fire pits are a staple in every backyard. You can use it to enjoy some family time and also to display a great piece of art. The Outdoor Plus Coronado Series comes in your choice of natural gas fire tables or outdoor propane firepits.


7. HPC Fire 70 x 24" Rectangular Fire Pit Enclosure Kit (UST70X24/36MLFPKCEK-LP)

HPC Fire 70 x 24" Rectangular Fire Pit Enclosure Kit (UST70X24/36MLFPKCEK-LP) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


Let's face it, when you're looking for a fire pit, everybody loves the idea of making your own with less installation time. The HPC Fire 70 x 24" Rectangular Fire Pit Enclosure Kit (UST70X24/36MLFPKCEK-LP) may just be what you're looking for!

You can easily start your outdoor fire pit gas project in your garden or backyard because it comes as a complete package with a fire pit, enclosure, fully assembled firepit insert, flex line, and instructions. LP tanks can be easily hidden for a clean look.

Be sure to add accessories and decorative touches to make it even more beautiful.


8. HPC Fire 45" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U45S/MLFPK25CEK-NG)

HPC Fire 45" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U45S/MLFPK25CEK-NG) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


Imagine how happy you’ll be if you have a perfect relaxing place for summer barbecues, night gatherings, or just for relaxing – with this HPC Fire 45" Unfinished Fire Pit Enclosure (U45S/MLFPK25CEK-NG).

It has a smaller size pan (25" fire pit kit) but with a sidewall for better fire media retention. You can save yourself the hassle of building your own fire pit by using this unfinished 45" round fire pit enclosure, which still gives you the option to modify the look.

Invest in an HPC Fire Pit and feel free to let your creativity run wild! 

9. Grand Canyon 39-inches x 13-inches Fire Bowl with Ring Burner (FB3913-R)

Grand Canyon 39-inches x 13-inches Fire Bowl with Ring Burner (FB3913-R) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


When you are entertaining your friends and family, you want to make sure that they have the best experience with you. To help with this, we offer the Grand Canyon 39-inches x 13-inches Fire Bowl with Ring Burner FB3913-R.

The fire bowl is constructed from GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) which makes it sturdy and has more fire resistance than other concrete products. It includes a fire pit bowl insert (fire ring burner) and SS disc. Available in natural gas or liquid propane, match lit, or hot surface electronic ignition. Designed to complete your outdoor living experience!

Make sure to add fire pit gas logs and lava rocks (optional) to enhance your fire bowl.


10. Napoleon 52" Linear Patioflame Outdoor Gas Fire Pit (GPFL48MHP)

Napoleon 52" Linear Patioflame Outdoor Gas Fire Pit (GPFL48MHP) | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer


The Napoleon 52" Linear Patioflame Outdoor Gas Fire Pit (GPFL48MHP) is the best fire pit for the money, and you'll love that you can use it on wooden decks, stone or brick patios, or poolside. It's also very easy to operate thanks to the convenient piano-hinged door that makes it easy to access the control panel. Made of durable, weather-resistant stainless steel – highly recommended to anyone looking for an outdoor fire pit!

Set this gas fire pit table in your backyard and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Plus, the unique optional accessories such as the glass windscreen, topaz glass media, and burner lids will add an elegant touch to this sleek, modern fire pit.



Things to Consider

Fire Pit | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Simple Ignition

The best fire pit should be easy to operate, starting with an easy ignition. See whether the fire pit needs wood for igniting or whether it has smart features like an app-based ignition.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

See how easy the fire pit is to clean and maintain. Check if it has a removable ash pan, if the material is easy to clean, the maintenance process, etc.

Permanent vs Portable Fire Pit

A major factor in choosing between a permanent vs. portable fire pit. Think about whether you want to install the fire pit in one location or move it around your yard.

Essential Fire Pit Accessories

Make sure your fire pit has all the necessary fire pit accessories. Enhance its appearance and aesthetics, protect it from the elements when not in use, and add other accessories to maximize your outdoor experience!



Outdoor Fire Pit | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

1. How far away from the house should the fire pit be?

The standard for most areas requires a 21-foot clearance. But it’s safer to place your fire pit at least 10 to 25 feet away from combustible structures or surfaces. This includes your home, plants, trees, branches, pergola, neighbor’s property, car, wooden deck, etc.

2. What is the safest type of fire pit?

Stainless steel fire pits are the safest and easiest to maintain. They keep the flames lifted off the ground and are often the best option compared to wood burning fire pits.

3. Where should I put a fire pit in my backyard?

The best location for fire pits is on a flat surface at least 10 feet from any structure, ideally 20 to 25 feet away. Fire pits should also be placed in a wide-open area, far from bushes, trees, low-hanging branches, woodpiles, and other objects that could catch fire if they come into touch with the flames.

4. How to build a smokeless fire pit?

The key on how to make a smokeless fire pit is complete combustion. Also, adding a secondary combustion stage to a fire pit makes it smokeless, where the heat rises via a convection cavity and flows into the top of the fire pit. The smoke from unburned wood is then burned out.

5. What is the best material for a fire pit?

The best fire pit materials are stainless steel and cast iron. A fire pit stainless steel construction is lightweight, and easy to pick up and move. For a timeless rustic fire pit option, opt for cast iron fire pits. You may rest assured that it can't be knocked down easily because of its durability and heavy weight.


The Final Word

Fire pits are an important part of any outdoor patio. It not only looks great, but it also provides you with an unforgettable experience when you sit down to relax and enjoy the evening.

The best fire pits to buy this year is a tough task, because there are so many options out there. That's why we created this curated list of the top fire pits that provide excellent value for our customers.

We've made it easier than ever to find your perfect match by comparing them side by side based on the key criteria in this article. We've put in the time, research, and testing to bring you this list of the best fire pits available on the market today.


Outdoor Fire Pit | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

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