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Whether you're wanting to spend more time with family and friends, or cracking out a holiday favorite in the backyard, Heaters are the perfect solution!

Why choose Heaters?

When you want a nice day outside or a cozy, warmth inside, it's important to make sure you install the best heaters to make your day more special. Electric, gas, and the best propane heaters for patio extend your time spent outdoors and make every moment count. Indoor heaters also help you get through those cold winter months.

Featured: Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric Portable Heater BH0820001

Types of Heaters

Top Brands

These are the best brands that offer the best portable outdoor heaters, the best propane patio heaters, outdoor heaters natural gas, room heaters, and more!

Bromic Heating USA

Check out Bromic Electric Heaters and Bromic Gas Heaters! The Smart-Heat™ collection includes Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat, Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat, and Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat.


Dimplex Heaters provides the best heating systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. Creating warm and cozy spaces.

Empire Heating Systems

Empire Heating Systems have high-quality zone heaters that are of excellent quality, cost-effective, and made in the USA.


Infratech Heaters are simple, efficient, made in the USA, and provide a cozy way to heat spaces using infrared outdoor heaters.



Do Heaters come with controllers?

Some heaters include a controller, while some need to be purchased as an additional accessory like the Bromic Heater Remote BH3130010-1 for Bromic Heaters.

What is BTU in heaters?

British Thermal Unit (BTU) refers to the amount of heat produced by a heater. To learn more, here's an article about it: What is BTU in Heaters and Fireplaces?

Where to buy heaters?

You can buy the best heaters online through authorized sellers like Flame Authority. We provide excellent customer service, competitive prices, and free shipping on select items!

Shop Heaters at Flame Authority, your trusted dealer of the best propane patio heaters, gas heaters/electric heaters, outdoor patio heater electric/gas, and portable electric/gas outdoor heaters.

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