Fire Pit Inserts

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    Looking for a simple way to spice up your outdoor patio? A fire pit insert extends your time in your backyard or patio, providing you and warmth, glow, and so much more!

    What are Fire Pit Inserts?

    A fire pit insert has all of the components of a standard fire pit except the enclosure. The fire pit insert is inserted into an existing surround to replace defective parts or if you want to upgrade your current fire pit system.

    Fire pit inserts differ from other fire pits – they give you a lot more versatility in terms of placement and installation. Although fire pit inserts are easier to install than traditional wood burning fire pits or gas fire pit tables, they still require expert knowledge. Some contractors will incorporate them into water features or decorative landscape projects. A fire pit insert is usually less expensive than a whole fire pit because it does not require enclosure materials.

    Fire Pit Inserts come in different forms, which include:

    • Fire pit bowl inserts
    • Gas fire pit inserts
    • Square fire pit inserts
    • Rectangular fire pit inserts
    • Table gas fire pit inserts
    • Outdoor electric fire pit inserts
    • Propane fire pit inserts
    • Ethanol fire pit inserts

    Best Fire Pit Insert Brands available at Flame Authority

    Firegear Outdoors

    Featured: Firegear Line Of Fire 60" T Burner Fire Pit Insert

    Firegear Outdoors is one of the leading providers of modern outdoor fire pits and other outdoor fire products. They specialize in firegear fire pits, burner systems, burner kits, concrete fire pit tables, outdoor fire features, and accessories.

    Firegear Outdoors Collection  Type
    Firegear Stainless Steel Burner Kits
    • Firegear Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit Burning Spur Kit DBS
    • Fire Rings
    • H Burners
    • T Burners
    Firegear Stainless Steel Burner Systems
    • Round Drop-In
    • Square Drop-In
    • Round Flat 
    • Square Flat 
    • Line of Fire - H Drop-In
    • Line of Fire - H Flat
    • Line of Fire - T Drop-In
    • Line of Fire - T Flat
    Firegear Pro Series Burner Kits
    • Pro Burning Spurs
    • Pro H Burners
    • Pro T Burners
    Firegear Pro Series Burner Systems
    • Round Drop-In
    • Square Drop-In
    • Round Flat
    • Square Flat
    • Line of Fire - H Flat

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    HPC Fire

    HPC Fire 24" Square Bowl Pan Fire Pit Insert 24SSEI-SQBL

    Featured: HPC Fire 24 Square Fire Pit Insert 24SSEI-SQBL

    Hearth Products Controls (HPC) has the most comprehensive outdoor product line, with HPC fire pit inserts, burners, bowls, covers, keys, enclosures, HPC fire pit igniters and torches. HPC Fire has the best gas fire pits, from HPC gas fire pit inserts in propane liquid and HPC natural gas fire pits.

    • Linear Interlink
    • Linear Trough Inserts
    • Rectangle H-Burner Inserts
    • Rectangle S-Fire Burner Inserts
    • Round Bowl Inserts
    • Round Flat Inserts
    • Square Bowl Inserts
    • Square Flat Inserts

    The Outdoor Plus

    The Outdoor Plus Coronado Fire Pits

    Featured: The Outdoor Plus Coronado Fire Pit

    The Outdoor Plus is a manufacturer of fire and water products, including fire pit tables, outdoor fire pit bowls, fire pits and bowls. With The Outdoor Plus fire pits, you can achieve one-of-a-kind fire and water displays such as backyard fire pit water features and water fountain fire pits.


    Fire pit inserts are a great addition to your outdoor patio, allowing you to enjoy an endless summer fire pit experience! 

    Shop for Fire Pit Inserts at Flame Authority! If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556

    731 products