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    Empire Stove manufactures some of the most reliable and easy to use wood-burning stoves and inserts around. Empire Stove allows you to have multiple design options to match your home's interiors.

    The Empire Stove series of products is one of the simplest to use due to its one-lever air control feature. This allows you to easily transition from a roaring blaze to a slow burn. The no-mess ash pan catches ash from the fire and makes cleanup a breeze. With the integrated air wash system, which uses hot air to eliminate debris from the glass, your glass window will stay clean. Plus, the high-temperature ceramic glass in the firebox can withstand the changing temperatures.

    The air wash system circulates hot air through the stove, preventing dirt and debris from accumulating on the glass, giving you a clear view of the fire. The heavy-duty door latch provides a tight seal every time, allowing for a more efficient burn. Instead of going up your chimney, the attached blower circulates the heated air back into the living space.

    Empire Stove products are surely built to last with their 5/6-inch thick steel construction. The inside of the firebox is lined with firebricks for heat insulation and durability. No matter how high the heat goes, the ceramic baffle ensures exceptional performance. Empire Stove products have a limited lifetime warranty that protects and ensures that you have peace of mind for many years to come.

    Key Features of Empire Stove:

    • Effortless heat
    • Air wash system
    • Simple to control
    • Built to last
    • Made in the USA

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    41 products