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    Looking for patio heaters to warm up your outdoor living spaces? Check out our collection of the best Outdoor Heaters!

    Why choose Outdoor Heaters?

    Outdoor Heaters extend your time spent outdoors — whether that means hours or months. It's the ultimate heating solution for cold winter days and summer evenings. We offer a great selection, from residential to commercial patio heaters, electric to gas outdoor heaters, and infrared outdoor heaters.

    Featured: Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric 316 Marine 4500W Outdoor Heater - BH362200

    Top Brands that Offer the Best Patio Heaters

    1. Bromic Heating USA

    The Smart-Heat™ collection includes Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat, Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat, and Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat. Check out these Bromic patio heaters: Bromic Electric Heaters and Bromic Gas Heaters.

    2. Dimplex

    Dimplex Heaters offers top-notch outdoor heating solutions, especially their electric patio heaters.

    3. Sunglo

    Sunglo offers a diverse range of infrared heaters that serve multiple purposes, including ice protection, frost prevention, warehouse and shop heating, etc.

    4. Infratech Heaters

    Infratech Patio Heaters offer efficient and made in the USA outdoor infrared heaters.


    What is the most efficient way to heat outdoor space?

    The best way to heat an outdoor space is by using Outdoor Heaters. We recommend electric heaters, infrared heaters, and gas heaters for the patios.

    Are infrared outdoor heaters any good?

    Yes, infrared outdoor heaters are highly effective. They offer numerous advantages, such as instant heat production, targeted heating of objects and individuals, and efficient energy usage.

    What is best brand for outdoor heater?

    While there are several great brands available, Bromic and Infratech are widely regarded as some of the best outdoor heaters. If you're having trouble deciding, here's a comparison between Bromic vs Infratech.

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