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    Looking for a versatile grill with multiple fuel options? Charcoal, wood pellets, natural gas, liquid propane, and smoking BBQ grill. Get the best of both worlds with Hybrid Grills!

    Why choose Hybrid Grills?

    You can enjoy everything with a Hybrid Grill! The versatility to use a hybrid gas and charcoal grill combination – the convenience of a gas grill and the smoky taste you get from a charcoal barbecue. Instead of settling for less, buy a hybrid gas grill to elevate your culinary skills and rediscover the pleasures of outdoor cooking.

    You can use charcoal, hardwood, lump coal, or wood pellets to achieve that smoky flavor or use either liquid propane or natural gas for convenience.

    Best Hybrid Grills (Grill Brands)

    Featured: AMG American Muscle Grill 54" Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill

    American Made Grills

    The best hybrid grills are created by American Made Grills or AMG Grills, who set the bar for excellent performance and craftsmanship. Just as the name implies… they’re gas grills made in USA.

    Modern Home Products

    The MHP Hybrid Grill from Modern Home Products has a high profile, thick, cast aluminum exterior shell that is rust and weather resistant and has an enormous cooking surface that can fit large portions of meat.


    What is a Hybrid Grill?

    A hybrid BBQ grill is essentially one that gives you the option to cook with either gas or charcoal.

    What is the best gas grill?

    We've got you a list of the Best Gas Grills that are excellent for outdoor cooking!

    Where to buy Hybrid Grills?

    We offer high quality gas grills that use a combination of gas and solid fuel: Hybrid Grillcharcoal gas combo. Now is the time to finally upgrade your grilling equipment. Get your Hybrid Freestanding Grills and Hybrid Built-in Grills now!

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    10 products