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    Are you searching for smart outdoor patio heaters that can handle weather challenges?  Take a look at Bromic Heating USA, the only ISO9001-certified brand that produces outdoor heating solutions in gas, electric, and portable forms.

    Why choose Bromic Heating USA?

    Bromic developed and implemented highly effective radiant heating solutions. Bromic Heaters are the preferred choice of many of the world's leading hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

    Every Bromic Outdoor Heater is developed and engineered in-house to assure absolute quality and long-term performance, then built with premium materials that strike the ideal combination of performance, reliability, and aesthetics, to ensure that they not only meet but also surpass local and international standards.

    Key Features of Bromic

    • Excellent heating performance
    • Smart-Heat™ technology
    • Powerful radiant heating
    • Modern, sleek design
    • Designed for both commercial and residential application

    Bromic Outdoor Heaters

    Featured: Bromic Platinum 3400W Electric Heater Outdoor - Bromic BH0320016

    Bromic comes in 2 fuel types: Bromic Electric Heater and Bromic Gas Heater. The Smart-Heat™ collection is available in Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat, Bromic Platinum Smart Heat, and Bromic Eclipse Smart Heat.


    Is there a compatible remote for Bromic Patio Heaters?

    Yes. The Bromic Heater Remote BH3130010-1 is compatible with both gas and electric outdoor patio heaters.

    What is BTU in heaters?

    This article explains what are BTU in heaters and fireplaces: What is BTU? Heater and Fireplace BTU Rating.

    How do you install Bromic Heaters?

    Bromic Heater Installation and service manuals are provided for every purchase.

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    196 products