Top 5 Best Gas Grills To Buy This 2022


Looking for the best premium gas grills that are easy to use and save your time and effort?

I'm sure you're going to love gas grills! They are easy to operate and regulate – simply connect your gas and turn on the ignition to start firing up the grills.

If you love trying out new BBQ recipes, enjoy outdoor cookouts with your family and friends, or simply want to build an outdoor grill station, a gas grill is a great investment especially when you value efficiency and convenience.

TOP 5 BEST GAS GRILLS TO BUY THIS 2022 | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

What to look for in a Gas Grill?

Choosing the best one out there can be complex as there are thousands of gas grills on the market, each with its own set of features and sizes. So, before clicking that “add to cart” button or going to your local hardware store, here are a few features we’ve gathered that you should consider before purchasing your new backyard buddy.

Number of Burners

What to look for in a Gas Grill? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The size of the grill and the amount of cooking space it takes should be considered. This will be determined by your needs so take a look at how many people you'll be serving regularly.

  • Double-burner grills – a majority of people prefer to have at least 2 burners for their grill so they can set up 2 different heat zones. With this type of burner, you can grill the meat on a high heat setting while the sides cook on a lower heat setting.

  • Three-burner grills – You can sear, slow-cook, indirect heat, and even smoke huge portions of meat in a three-burner grill. They're spacious enough to serve a larger group and capable of producing a variety of dishes in a single cooking session (for example, you grill steak on one burner, burgers on the other, and veggies on the third)

  • Four burner grills and above – Similar to the three-burner grills, you can make a range of dishes in a single cooking time. One of the main advantages of gas grills with more than 3 burners is the ability to create more heat zones. 4-burner gas grills are perfect for large gatherings, as it allows you to prepare and grill multiple courses at once. 

Grill Grate Material

Grill Grate Material | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Another key feature that you should look out for is the material of the grill grate or your cooking surface. The two most common materials are stainless steel and cast iron.

  • Stainless Steel – they’re lightweight, rust-resistant, and easier to clean, but they do not retain heat as well as cast iron and will corrode over time, allowing food to stick. Stainless steel is a better choice if you cook a lot of burgers, sausages, and seafood.

  • Cast iron – They're bulky and need proper care to stay nonstick and rust-free, but they retain heat effectively for better sear marks and are quite durable. If you cook a lot of steaks and ground beef, cast iron is the way to go

Gas Type

Gas Type | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

If you’re in search of a gas grill, you should first figure out what type of gas you'll need. There are two types of gas grills: propane grills and natural gas grills.

  • Propane gas – is stored in a propane tank that comes in a variety of sizes. They are placed next to or inside the propane grill however, they must be replaced once the liquid propane is empty. Propane grills are portable and easy to transport, making them more mobile than those powered by natural gas.

  • Natural gas – is continuously piped into your home's natural gas line just like any other utility. You just have to hook it up to the grill. Natural gas grills give you the freedom to cook as much as you want without having to worry about running out of gas.


Is a Gas Grill better than a Charcoal Grill?

Is charcoal grill better than gas grill? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The most frequent question we get asked: Is charcoal grill better than gas grill? The answer depends on what you value the most. If you value convenience, ease of use, and quick temperature control, then Gas Grills are the best choice.

Here are the advantages of gas grill over charcoal grill:

Easier and quicker to use

With just a press of a button, you can switch the flame on and regulate the heat by simply twiddling the knob, so you can easily avoid burning or undercooking your food. On the other hand, charcoal takes a long time to light, must be moved around, and requires you to adjust the vents to keep the heat under control (Coals take around 5-10 minutes to reach high heat and 25 to 30 minutes to reach medium heat)

Simple to clean

It’s easier to clean a gas grill since they don’t produce too much smoke and ashes the way charcoal grills do. All you have to do is brush or wipe the grates and empty the grease trap.

No-fuss cooking

Overall, gas grills make your cooking and grilling experience pretty easy and hassle-free. On the other hand, Charcoal grills are far less expensive and burn hotter than gas grills, resulting in a better sear and giving off a smoky flavor that beat gas grills.

Choosing between a gas grill and a charcoal grill comes down to personal preference, taste, and needs. A gas and charcoal grill combo is another option if you want a combination of both.

Top 5 Gas Grills - Best Gas grills 2022

What are the top 5 gas grills? We've outlined the best BBQ gas grills for you after trying and testing the best selling grills on the market.

1. Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i

Best Backyard Gas Grill

Want to boost your home and outdoor grilling experience with the best outdoor built-in grills?

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i is the epitome of luxurious outdoor grilling. This grill offers the pinnacle for performance, elegance, and innovation. With elegant aesthetics, a unique contoured face, and cutting-edge technologies like hot surface ignition and blue backlight knobs, this model is sure to impress you and your guests!

What we love about this grill:

  • Diamond sear cooking grids
  • Cast stainless steel burners
  • Comfort touch polished knobs 
  • Flavor grids
  • Angled halogen internal lights
  • Hot surface ignition system
  • Recessed infrared quantum backburner & rotisserie kit
  • Echelon drip tray
  • Chrome digital thermometer with meat probe 
  • Charcoal/Smoker basket

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill is also available in 30" and 36" models. Get yours today!

 Product Name Model Number Size
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 30" Built-In Grill  E660i 30"
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 36" Built-In Grill
E790i 36"
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill 
E1060i 48"

Fire Magic's best built-in grills are known for their versatility, durability, and longevity. The best built-in gas grills are certainly a work of art in terms of design and engineering. Truly you’ll get what you pay for!


2. American Made Grills AMG Muscle 54" Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill MUSFS54

Best Outdoor Gas Grills

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the American Made Grills 54" Muscle Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill. Grilling with any mix of solid fuels puts creativity in your hands thanks to its innovative Multi-Fuel Tray System. You can use charcoal, wood chunks, natural gas or liquid propane to fire your grill.

What we love about this grill:

  • Best BBQ gas grill made in the USA
  • Made with commercial grade #304 stainless steel
  • Multi-Fuel Tray System
  • Robust 110,000 BTUs of grilling horsepower
  • Soft-close Drawers
  • Side, Rear & Bottom Ventilation
  • Fully Assembled

What is the best propane grill to buy? Is this available in propane liquid? Yes, and the AMG Hybrid Grill is the best propane grill to buy. See for yourself!

Available in 36" and 48" sizes. Avail yours now! 

 Product Name Model Number Size
36" Muscle Hybrid Freestanding Grill 36"
54" Muscle Hybrid Freestanding Grill 54"

    American Made Grills might have expensive gas grills, but it's all worth the investment and you won't be disappointed! 


    3. American Outdoor Grill L Series 24" Post Mount with Base Grill 24NPL

    Best Post Mounted Natural Gas Grills

    The American Outdoor Grill L Series Post Mount with Base Grill is proudly made in the USA and is built to last! It's made of commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, with stainless cooking grids that last a long time and a strong warming rack, making it not only sturdy on the surface but also on the inside.

    You'll love the electronic push-button ignition system on this grill. No need to use matches and igniters. It comes with stainless steel vaporized panels, strong brass valves, and black-flared front knobs to precisely and conveniently control the temperature, guaranteeing evenly cooked meat and vegetables. That's why this is the best gas grill for vegetables and meat grilling!

    This grill is also safe to use because it has a built-in safety timer that turns off the gas after three hours.

    What we love about this grill:

    • USA made gas grills
    • Stainless steel rod cooking grids
    • Warming rack
    • Distinctively designed analog thermometer with polished bezel
    • Solid brass valves for precise temperature control and durability
    • Heavy-duty 300 series stainless steel construction
    • Advanced high-quality 300 series stainless steel burners
    • Stainless steel vaporizer panels for even heat distribution
    • Backburner and rotisserie kit (optional)
    • 4-prong adjustable meat holder for rotisserie
    • Drip collection system
    • 3-hour safety timer

      Includes manuals and guides to operate your AOG grill how to turn on, install, and maintain it. This American Outdoor Grill is the total grilling package!

      Discounted price on the AOG L Series Post Mount Grill. Get yours now!


      4. Blaze Premium LTE Power Burner BLZ-PBLTE-NG

      Best Gas Grill for Money

      Looking for an affordable, natural gas grill? Blaze LTE Built-in Power Burner is not only the best gas grill for the money but also the best natural gas BBQ grill for you!

      Blaze's best natural gas BBQ grills are made up of an inner and outer burner ring of 304-cast stainless steel construction that can be regulated independently, allowing a range of cooking configurations.

      What we love about this grill:

      • The efficient design speeds up the boiling process.
      • The 15 3/4″ width gives extra room for accessories or counter space.
      • The burner rings are protected by a stainless steel guard that concentrates heat for optimal efficiency.
      • Illuminated control knobs
      • Push and turn knob ignition technology
      • Wide drip tray for the easy clean up
      • A power transformer is included for the lights
      • Best gas grills for the money

        Blaze LTE Power Burners come with a lifetime guarantee that covers any defects in the burners, burner grate, body, lid, and control valves' construction and workmanship. Ignition, electronic, and lighting systems are covered for one year from the date of purchase. To apply for a warranty, the product must be registered within thirty days.

        Experience having the best outdoor natural gas grills with Blaze Premium LTE Built-in Power Burner. Buy now!


        5. Summerset Sizzler 32" Built-In Gas Grill SIZ32

        Best No Flame Up Gas Grill

        The Summerset Sizzler 32" Built-In Gas Grill SIZ32 is the newest addition to the Summerset range, and they are a superior quality product at an unbeatable value. This grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in terms of longevity and grilling performance, thanks to its innovative design that ensures maximum airflow, even heating, and no flare ups, thus you can't see flame on gas grill.

        What we love about this grill:

        • Summerset Tube Burners made of high-quality stainless steel
        • Locked-in Briquette Trays
        • Heavy-duty locked-in Briquette Trays
        • Evenly disperse heat across the entire cooking surface. 
        • Reliable flame thrower ignition (batteries or electricity not required)
        • Ceramic briquette trays for even heating and no flare-ups
        • Double-lined hood retains heat and prevents discoloration
        • The best built-in BBQ grills for outdoor kitchens
        • Best easy to use grills

        Available in 26" and 40" size models. Avail yours now!

         Product Name Model Number Size
        Summerset Sizzler 26" 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill  SIZ26 26"
        Summerset Sizzler 32" 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill SIZ32 32"
        Summerset Sizzler 40" 3-Burner Built-In Gas Grill SIZ40 40"

        Summerset is sure to amaze even the most seasoned grillers! 


        Final Word

        Not all gas grills are created equally and not all may be what they seem. When you choose one of the top brands, you'll be able to enjoy your grill experience with a luxurious build quality and an incredible performance throughout the seasons.

        Everyone enjoys great food, especially when it comes on a grill. However, to have a great time at the party, you need the best quality grills. Whether it is for a backyard barbecue or an outdoor cooking event, you need the right gas grills that can do the job well and make your food taste so good!

        Savor wine pairings that are perfect for grilling. Speaking of wines, if you plan on having a wine cellar, check out our sister company Wine Coolers Empire for all your wine cellar needs.

        May you have a luxurious and enjoyable outdoor grill experience with one of the best gas grills and top brands for grills. We hope the list of top gas grills featured above will help you in selecting the perfect grill.

        TOP 5 BEST GAS GRILLS TO BUY THIS 2022 | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

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