Understanding the Valve Technology in HPC Fire Features

Hearth Products Controls (HPC Fire) is committed to enhancing the customer experience, and believes that educating consumers about their technology will result in more knowledgeable buyers. This blog post aims to provide information about the valve technology used in HPC Fire Features, including their renowned Key Valves and the latest Solenoid Valves. When combined with their products, this technology ensures secure and reliable operation.

Key Valve

HPC Key Valve - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

HPC’s Key Valve is equipped with CSA Certified Match-lit Units (MLFPK). This valve operates manually and is straightforward in its design. In order to use the MLFPK series, just simply open the Key Valve with a ¼ turn to the on position. The valve allows you to adjust the flame height from low to high. To turn off the unit, the key valve must be turned back to the closed position. 

Manual Safety Pilot Valve

HPC Manual Safety Pilot Valve - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Manual Safety Pilot Valve is combined with CSA Certified Push Button Flame Sensing units. To ignite the pilot, the valve should be manually turned to the pilot position. It is important to hold the valve open for a minimum of 20 seconds to heat up the thermocouple. Once the thermocouple is sufficiently warmed, the valve knob should be turned to the ON position to light the burner.


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