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    Enjoy gourmet cuisine anywhere, at any time with BeefEater grills!

    If you enjoy a simple backyard gathering with family and friends, you definitely need an excellent BBQ grill to level up your outdoor experience. That's where BeefEater comes into play. Because of their functional, sleek design, exceptional durability, and wide range of features, these grills will fit into any outdoor setting and cook the perfect meal every time. Whether you're sizzling a steak or slow cooking the perfect roast, a BeefEater makes cooking a breeze!

    Our BeefEater Signature Series provides the best barbecue experience. These stunning grills have powerful burner options and are jam-packed with cutting-edge technologies that make entertaining easy. They're made to fit your home and your lifestyle.

    The stainless steel construction, on-board temperature sensor and warming rack included in the roasting hood allow you to cook to perfection. Made with premium materials that are corrosive-resistant, hygienic, and easy to clean. With anti-flare technology reduces flare-ups and heat loss, allowing you to cook faster and save money.

    • Integrated stainless steel convection roasting hood
    • Durable, rust-resistant, stainless steel cooktop
    • Vaporizer grid reflector system with anti-flare technology
    • Easily removable hood

    BeefEater grills are the versatile barbeque that's perfect for all occasions. They're compact in size but big on technology, features, and engineering. Cook with the hood up for a crispier and more flavorful grilling experience. Pull the hood down for luscious slow-cooked roasts.

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    21 products