Best Fireplaces - Fall Edition Sale

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    What is your favorite part of fall? Leaves changing color, cool days, and warm nights – even better if it's by the fire!

    Our autumn sale is currently active across the website, with the Best Fireplaces discounted by up to 50% off. Take advantage of the changing season and get BIG DISCOUNTS on high quality electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, traditional open hearth fireplaces, modern fireplaces, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, and all types of fireplaces.

    Why choose Fireplaces?

    A Fireplace, usually referred to as a hearth, is a fire-containment structure that keeps a room warm and inviting. Today, especially during the fall season, it is the most commonly used heat source in households and commercial buildings.

    Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces have been used in many ways, from bedroom fireplaces, fireplace in kitchens, wall mount fireplaces, linear fireplaces, 3-sided electric fireplaces, wood stoves, and more!

    The Best Fireplaces on Sale

    Featured: Dimplex Bold 100" Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace XLF10017-XD

    Gas Fireplaces

    The best gas fireplace inserts are easier to operate, they can be quickly adjusted with a switch or button.

    Electric Fireplaces

    Electric Fireplaces look like traditional fireplaces but function exactly like electric fireplace heaters. Since they give the appearance of a real flame, they are often referred to as LED fireplaces and produce enough heat to warm the room.

    Wood-Burning Fireplaces

    The most traditional style of all fireplace types is a Wood-Burning Fireplace. The beauty and ambiance that a wood fireplace adds to a space cannot be compared to that of other types of fireplaces.


    What else is on sale?

    Up to 50% off on the following products:

    When is the best time to buy a fireplace?

    Summer may be the best time to buy a fireplace, but the Autumn/Fall season is when prices are at their lowest, offering big discounts, markdown prices, and fireplaces on SALE.

    Where to buy fireplaces?

    Buy the best fireplaces online from trusted dealers and authorized retailers like Flame Authority. We have affordable prices and excellent customer service.

    Shop for the Best Fireplaces - Fall Edition Sale at Flame Authority! If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556 or email us at

    1263 products