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    Have you ever considered setting up your own outdoor kitchen? When choosing a gas or electric BBQ for built-in installations, check out our selection of the best Built-In Grills!

    Why choose Built-in Grills?

    The most versatile and customizable grills are Built-in Grills. They are developed precisely to meet the needs of both indoor and outdoor kitchen built-in grill installations. In fact, built-in barbecue grills or built-in outdoor gas grills can be used to complete an entire kitchen, providing you with the counter space required to prep meals.

    Best Built-in BBQ Grills / Best Outdoor Built-in Grills

    Featured: American Made Grills AMG Muscle 54" Hybrid Built-in Gas Grill MUS54

    We provide built-in grills for outdoor kitchens and built-in gas grills that cook food more quickly, generate heat faster and turn off instantly to save you time. Available in different fuel types.

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    Are Built-in Grills worth it?

    A BBQ grill for built-in application is durable, efficient, and made to last for many years. It may cost more but require less maintenance, ending up being less expensive. Definitely worth the investment.

    What is the best grill for outdoor cooking?

    We put together a list of the Best Gas Grills: Excellent for Outdoor Cooking, along with our built-in grill reviews.

    Where to buy Built-in Grills?

    You can buy Built-in Grills online at Flame Authority, your trusted dealer of the best built-in gas grills, indoor/outdoor built-in BBQ, and other built-in outdoor grills ranging from large to small built-in grills.

    Shop for Built-in Grills at Flame Authority! If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556 or email us at support@flameauthority.com

    183 products