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    Empire has been manufacturing residential gas heaters Belleville, Illinois since 1932. They are dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality zone heating systems at affordable prices. Empire has direct-vent heaters, vent-free heaters, B-vent heaters, and power-vent heaters in different sizes to warm practically any space. Each has its own set of benefits.

    Direct-Vent – this system uses two vent pipes. One vent pulls air from the outside to support combustion. The other vent exhausts the combustion byproducts out. The two vent pipes could be co-linear or concentric. A DV system is typically put along an exterior wall to reduce the vent run, but it can also be installed anywhere in the house and vented through the roof.

    Vent-Free – this system uses room air for combustion and provides 99.9% of the available heat energy to the room directly. VF systems have greater installation possibilities because they don't require venting. VF systems are restricted to 40,000 BTU and must be used as a supplemental heating source in conjunction with a central heater that circulates air.

    B-Vent – this system takes in room air for combustion and exhaust combustion by-products out through a single vent pipe – usually a roof or a chimney. Most B-Vent fireplaces are classified as decorative appliances because they are inefficient compared to DV or VF systems.

    Power-vented – this system provides unrivaled efficiency, with an AFUE of over 90%. Because they are so efficient at extracting heat, just a little amount of heat energy escapes through the flue. This implies they can be vented with less expensive PVC venting rather than more expensive stainless steel.

    Key Features of Empire Heating Systems:

    • High-quality zone heating
    • Affordable prices
    • Simple and safe to operate
    • Made in the USA

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    117 products