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    Who says that grilling is just a summer thing? BBQ cooking, grilling, and roasting are very popular right now. A delicious barbecue is something that more and more people absolutely love.

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    Why choose BBQ Grills?

    If you enjoy spending the Autumn season in your outdoor kitchen, hosting barbecue parties, and entertaining, you would love to have the best BBQ grills & outdoor cooking grills for your backyard!

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    How much do grills cost?

    There are many different types of grills. The best luxury grills and top brand grills can be expensive, but they're worth the money. Unless they are luxury grills, large BBQ grills can cost more than small barbecue grills. Outdoor BBQ grills can cost as much as $20,000.

    What is the best grill to buy?

    We created a list of our top BBQ grills to buy in this article: Best Gas Grills: Excellent for Outdoor Cooking

    Where to buy a grill?

    The best place to buy a grill is Flame Authority, your trusted dealer of the best outdoor kitchen appliances, best outdoor kitchen components, best barbecue grills, best luxury BBQ grills, grill parts, and grill accessories.

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    339 products
    BroilMaster H3X Deluxe Gas Grill Head
    BroilMaster H3X Deluxe Gas Grill Head
    from $949.00 Regular price $1,282.43 Save 26%
    BroilMaster C3 Charcoal Grill Head C3
    BroilMaster C3 Charcoal Grill Head
    Sale price $819.00 Regular price $1,106.76 Save 26%
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