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    HearthStone is dedicated to offering sustainable, carbon-neutral, and clean heating solutions. Each HearthStone is handcrafted to the highest standards utilizing the best materials and most advanced heating technology by dedicated Vermont craftsmen committed to producing high-quality stoves for many years.

    HearthStone wood stoves all feature cutting-edge, low-emission combustion technology. They exceed even the most stringent EPA criteria, so you can be assured that they will burn safe and clean today and in the future.

    The Green Energy pledge made by HearthStone is a promise for the future. Choosing to protect our environment for future generations by opting for sustainable heating options.

    Cast iron stoves give off a more comfortable heat. Soapstone, on the other hand, is a natural material that absorbs the intense heat of a fire, stores it, and then radiates a moderate heat back into the living space. This ensures that your home remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

    It includes a TruHybrid™ feature that allows stoves to burn cleanly and efficiently even before and after the catalyst is engaged, allowing you to get the most out of your wood supply. The wood stoves are simple to operate. You can control the flames with a single lever air control. For a smokeless startup, open the catalyst control handle then close it for an efficient, long-burning burn.

    Warm your living space with a clean, efficient, and long-lasting fire with HearthStone wood stoves!

    Shop HearthStone products below. If you have any concerns about HearthStone or other products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556

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