Icon Grills Maxis Kamado Series

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    Searching for the best kamado grills that cook your meat to perfection and have a complete set of accessories? Check out Icon Grill Maxis Kamado Charcoal Cast Iron Grills!

    Why choose Icon Grill Maxis Kamado Series?

    Icon Grills are expertly manufactured and meticulously crafted to work as efficiently as possible. The Icon Grill Maxis Kamado Series consists of portable kamado grills that function as a cast iron charcoal grill and smoker grill. To convert it into a kamado gas grill, just add the quickchange gas insert.

    These kamado charcoal grills feature enormous cooking space, allowing you plenty of options when cooking with a kamado BBQ grill  sear, grill, and smoke in a variety of ways all year long. They are absolutely grill icons!

    Icon Grill Maxis Kamado Cast Iron Charcoal Grills


    What is Kamado Grill and Smoker Grill?

    Kamado smoker grills, sometimes called kamado egg grill, smoker egg grill, or egg smoker grill due to their egg-shaped design, are inspired by Japanese ceramic BBQ grills that allow you to simultaneously grill and smoke food.

    How to use a Kamado Grill?

    Cooking on a kamado cooker lets you grill, roast, smoke, sear, and bake. You can control the internal grill temperatures of smoker kamado grills by adjusting the top and bottom vents on charcoal grills.

    Do Kamado Grills use propane gas?

    They are generally fueled by charcoal but Icon Grills can be changed to a kamado gas grill by adding a quickchange gas insert, available in either Natural Gas or Propane Gas.

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    2 products