Mont Alpi Refrigerations

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    Want an awesome addition to your Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen? Mont Alpi Refrigerations is a great addition to Mont Alpi Grill Islands!

    Why choose Mont Alpi Refrigerations?

    Mont Alpi Grills offers Mont Alpi Island Grills, built-in grills, and accessories for Mont Alpi BBQ island grills. Designed to last and deliver the best cooking experience. Durable and expertly made. The top Mont Alpi grill reviews, according to seasoned grillers.

    Mont Alpi Refrigerations

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    Apart from the stainless steel island grills, outdoor island grills, and built-in grills, MontAlpi also offers Mont Alpi Refrigerations such as:

    • Mont Alpi Refrigerators
    • Mont Alpi Beverage Centers
    • Outdoor Fridge Cabinets
    • Kegerator with Outdoor Refrigerators

    Monti Alpi also has outdoor grill islands with outdoor fridge cabinets and beverage center cabinets.


    What is Mont Alpi made of?

    Mont Alpi grills are made of stainless steel structure. Built with marine grade 304, so they are heavy-duty, weather resistant, and can handle the harsh elements, excellent for outdoor cooking.

    What else does Mont Alpi sell?

    • Mont Alpi BBQ Island Grills / Mont Alpi Grill Islands
    • Mont Alpi Grills - Built-in Grills
    • Mont Alpi Grill Carts
    • Mont Alpi Grill Covers

    How to install Mont Alpi Refrigerations?

    Mont Alpi BBQ grill islands include an easy-to-follow installation manual, however we advise having it done by a professional.

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    5 products