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    Your backyard or patio is the perfect space for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Why not extend your outdoor spaces all year long? Turn your patio or backyard into a nice outdoor gathering area with our Outdoor Living collection!

    Why choose our Outdoor Living Products?

    We offer a wide selection of the best gas fire pit inserts, gas fire pit tables, fire pit bowl inserts, outdoor electric fire pits, and modern fireplace outdoors. We also have the best portable outdoor heaters, electric outdoor heaters, propane heaters, and gas outdoor heaters. 

    Enjoy wonderful moments outdoors with BBQ grills, stoves, and pizza ovens to liven up your day!

    Outdoor Living Products

    Fire pit, grill, outdoor fireplace - Flame Authority

    Get access to our collection of outdoor heating solutions, from rustic fire pits to modern outdoor fire pits, gas or electric outdoor fireplaces, recessed gas heaters, or outdoor electric heaters for your outdoor spaces.



    What is the best way to heat an outdoor space?

    Got some fire pit ideas? We made a list of the best ways to heat an outdoor space.

    Can you put a fire pit on a deck?

    Yes. We sell deck fire pits, deck safe fire pits, and all types of fire pits for decks to suit your needs.

    What are BTU in heaters?

    Read on to learn more: What is BTU in Heaters and Fireplaces.

    Shop Outdoor Living Products at Flame Authority, your trusted dealer of the best propane patio heaters, patio gas heaters, patio electric heaters, square fire pit inserts, rectangle gas fire pits, table gas fire pits, best hybrid pizza ovens, best tabletop pizza ovens, outdoor pizza oven tables, pizza oven accessories.

    We are also an authorized seller of the best electric fireplace brands, high quality electric fireplaces, best gas fireplace inserts, open hearth fireplaces, wall mounted fireplaces, modern fireplaces, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, and all types of fireplaces.

    If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556 or email us at support@flameauthority.com

    1427 products
    Firegear Ignition Module VCS-5000MODTC
    Firegear Ignition Module VCS-5000MODTC
    Sale price $129.00 Regular price $174.32 Save 26%
    Napoleon Windscreen for Linear Patioflame Series GPFL-WNDSCRN
    Napoleon Windscreen for Linear Patioflame Series GPFL-WNDSCRN
    Napoleon Windscreen for Linear Patioflame Series GPFL-WNDSCRN
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