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    Want to take your pizza parties to the next level? Take your pizza party outdoors with Pinnacolo Pizza Ovens!

    Why choose Pinnacolo?

    Pinnacolo Pizza Ovens have made it simpler than ever to find your happy place. It's time to take it easy and prepare meals in your backyard like you're in the countryside! Pinnacolo is part of the Fire One Up family, which provides the best hybrid pizza ovens, outdoor pizza ovens, and gas wood hybrid pizza ovens. Each pizza ovens come with a complete set of tools.

    Pinnacolo Outdoor Pizza Ovens

    Let's look at one of our Pinnacolo Pizza Oven reviews from this video.

    Featured: Pinnacolo Ibrido 32" Wood or Gas Fired Hybrid Freestanding Pizza Oven

    Pinnacolo has 2 types of Pizza Ovens:

    1. Pinnacolo Ibrido Hybrid Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Pinnacolo Hybrid Pizza Ovens are gas and wood pellet pizza oven hybrids that give you the best of both worlds with two fuel options, wood or gas.

    2. Pinnacolo Premio Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

    The Premio Pizza Oven is a wood-fired oven designed with an Italian flair that will provide you with delicious wood-fired flavor for years to come.

    Note: Pinnacolo Outdoor Pizza Ovens are exclusively intended for outdoor use and should not be used in any confined spaces without ventilation. However, you may store them in an enclosed/covered space when completely cool.


    What should I look for in a pizza oven?

    The pizza oven should have good insulation. Check the oven's size too, which will rely on your needs. And it should be made of high-quality materials.

    Is it worth buying a wood-fired pizza oven?

    Yes! They are excellent at cooking pizza and a wide variety of recipes.

    You might want to check these 3 Easy Wood Fired Oven Recipes.

    Can you use outdoor pizza oven in winter?

    Yes, the Pinnacolo Pizza Oven has been tested to -30°C. If you can withstand the cold, so can the outdoor pizza oven.

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