HPC Fire Electronic Ignition: The Ultimate Testing Overview

HPC Fire Inspired is known for its commitment to safety and innovation. When you choose an HPC Fire Product, you can trust that a team of experts is working diligently to ensure the safety and quality of every appliance.

HPC Fire pays close attention to every detail of the design process to ensure that each product exceeds customer expectations. In addition to CSA testing, HPC conducts internal testing and safety checks. This blog will focus on the key testing procedures that HPC Fire Inspired uses for all Electronic Ignition (EI) systems. These procedures are put in place to guarantee optimal performance for all HPC fire products.

HPC's Research and Design Team has established rigorous testing protocols that are carried out during the assembly of all EI units. Furthermore, a final inspection is conducted on each fully assembled EI unit before it is packed and shipped. We’ll take you to a behind-the-scenes look at the process that goes into each design.

HPC Fire Electronic Ignition Test | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The HyPot Test

The HyPot test is the initial safety examination that all EI appliances must undergo, as mandated by CSA guidelines. Every component of the appliance must successfully pass this test for the appliance to receive CSA Certification. CSA conducts periodic evaluations of HPC's HyPot Testing procedure and carries out routine tests on HPC fire features quarterly to ensure that the procedure is executed safely and reliably.

Before installing the unit, the Electronic Ignition Valve box undergoes the HyPot test. The Valve box is placed in a mechanical test fixture and connected to 120 volts. This test ensures that the valve box is grounded properly and that any possible shorts in the assembly are identified. The test delivers a rapid PASS or FAIL result, enabling the team to address any problems that may arise.

Finished Fire Pit Assembly Test

HPC Fire H2OnFire Series FOW52R-MONACO4BS-EI - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured: HPC Fire and Water H2OnFire Series FOW52R-MONACO4BS-EI

After the assembly of each appliance, it is forwarded to a trained HPC inspector who conducts a thorough 50-point final inspection. This guarantees that each HPC Fire Feature adheres to all safety and quality standards. Here are some of the critical testing highlights:

Visual Inspection

The initial step involves examining the weep holes in the burner to ensure that they work effectively with the raised hub burner design that is built to prevent water ingress. Following that, the pilot assembly is assessed to confirm that it is positioned correctly to maintain the pilot flame near the burner port. A pilot assembly placed too far from the burner port may cause delayed ignition. Lastly, the Burner Orifice is inspected to verify that it is the correct size and compatible with the appropriate gas type.

Wiring Inspection

A thorough inspection is performed on all the wiring in the unit, verifying that the spade connectors are securely attached to the components and that there are no bare or exposed wires. Furthermore, the screws that attach the transformer and receiver are inspected to ensure they are firmly fastened. Finally, the power cord is secured and tightly wrapped.

Final Test (Burn Test)

HPC Fire 32" Copper Mesa Fire & Water Bowl MESA32W-EI - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured: HPC Fire 32" Copper Mesa Fire & Water Bowl MESA32W-EI

Each appliance is connected to a gas line and powered up to make sure it’s working properly. If it's an Electronic Ignition HI/LO unit, it is also connected to a remote or smart device to activate the ability to control it. An inspector then checks that the igniter is working by turning it on and off for 10 seconds each time. Finally, the pilot flame is examined.

After the flame is lit, the inspector checks that the flame is covering the top third of the thermocouple. This ensures that the flame sensing technology is functioning correctly. HPC Testing Technicians simulate blowouts by shutting off the gas supply to the unit.

After the gas supply is turned back on, the burner must light up again within 30 seconds to pass this test. HPC conducts a final burn test on each Electronic Ignition appliance, with the ON/OFF model being burned for 3 minutes and the HI/LO model for 5 minutes.

Leak Test

HPC Fire Sierra Smooth Copper Gas Fire Pit Bowl TOR-SIER36W-EI - HPC Fire | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured: HPC Fire Sierra Smooth Copper Gas Fire Pit Bowl TOR-SIER36W-EI

The HPC Team performs a thorough examination for gas leaks by using a specialized tool called a "gas sniffer" while the unit is running. This electronic tool is calibrated to detect any gas leaks. A second check for leaks is done using a flame wand. The following are the main areas that are inspected:

  1. Pilot tube connections
  2. Gas piping from valve box to pan/burner assembly
  3. LP air mixer back pressure (for LP only)
  4. Valve block assembly for any leaks

As part of the leak test, the unit's labels are also checked to ensure they match the customer's order.

  • Correct appliance rating label
  • Model number
  • Power and gas requirements
  • Serial number is applied
  • CSA logo is also on the appliance rating label
  • Carbon Monoxide label applied properly

Hearth Products Controls’ commitment to rigorous testing has helped them achieve a failure rate of less than 1% for all appliance testing. HPC’s testing procedures are regularly monitored and audited by CSA. This detailed overview of HPC's safety and operational testing protocols is crucial to maintaining the quality of HPC Fire Features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

How does an electronic ignition system work?

Electronic ignition systems use a pilot system that automatically ignites each time. The system includes important components such as the thermocouple sensor, hot surface igniter, pilot hood, pilot base, and blow out box. These sensors generate electric pulses that create a high voltage spark which ignites the gas and creates a flame.

How do you turn on an HPC fire pit?

To turn on the fire pit, you can use a switch, timer, remote, or Bluetooth app. When you turn it on, either propane gas or natural gas is released to a part called the pilot assembly. The igniter in the pilot assembly heats up and turns red, which lights the pilot light. The pilot light heats up another part called the thermocouple, which sends a signal to the control board. The control board opens the main gas valve to the burner. The pilot light ignites the gas coming from the burner, and voila the fire pit is lit!

What are the disadvantages of electronic ignition systems?

Electronic ignition systems have some drawbacks, including higher cost and complexity compared to traditional pilot light systems. They also require a power source, which may limit their use in certain outdoor settings.

What are the advantages of electronic ignition systems?

Electronic ignition systems have several benefits, including energy efficiency, convenience, safety, and environmental friendliness. They use less gas, are more convenient to use, and are safer than traditional pilot light systems. They also produce fewer emissions and offer a cleaner, more visually appealing flame.

What is the best fire pit for outdoors?

We definitely recommend HPC Fire Pits. They're a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish outdoor fire pit. However, if you would like to explore other choices, you can refer to our list of best fire pits for this year.


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