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Modern Flames is one of the leading brands that offers high-quality electric fireplaces since 2008, they are still one of the best electric fireplace brands in the industry.

They range from the most basic to the most advanced electric modern fireplaces. When it comes to premium quality, reasonable prices, and the most realistic electric fireplaces, Modern Flames is at the top of the list. They're also one of the most popular brands on the market, and here's why...

About Modern Flames

Modern Flames Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Modern Flames started producing the first modern linear fireplaces in North America last 2008.

A popular choice among homeowners, designers, and builders because of its incredibly realistic flames, easy electric fireplace installation, and cheaper operating costs.

After years of continuous innovation and product improvement, Modern Flames has been catering to the needs and wants of various consumers, offering a wide range of electric fireplaces such as the best electric fireplace inserts, free standing electric fireplace with mantel, freestanding electric fireplace heater TV stand, and more!


Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Ever consider switching to an electric fireplace vs a gas fireplace? We highly recommend Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces!

Let's take a deeper look at all of the different types of fireplaces available from this brand and see what makes them a crowd favorite and top heat reviews.

Sedona Pro Multi Series

The Sedona Pro Multi Series is a multi-functional electric fireplace with cutting-edge technology that can be installed in a variety of ways. It comes with a remote, Wi-Fi app, and Smart Home system, allowing you to effortlessly access and operate it.

The Sedona Pro Multi creates a stunning light visual because of the multicolored flames you can choose to display, ember bed, hand-painted canyon driftwood electric fireplace logs, and smoked glacier glass. It also comes with a remote control so you can fully control the electric fireplace heat and flame’s full spectrum of colors.

Featured: Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi 36 Electric Fireplace Insert SPM-3626 

This 3-sided electric fireplace has flexible configuration options: single-sided, corner electric fireplaces, built-in electric fireplaces, and recessed electric fireplaces.

Buy now, save more! Available in 3 sizes:


RedStone Series

The Modern Flames RedStone Series has the appearance of a traditional fireplace or open hearth fireplace but with the advantages of modern electric fireplaces. It has Hybrid-FXTM flame technology, which maximizes the flame height in a larger vertical viewing area.

The Hybrid-FX™ Flame Technology from Modern Flames provides you control over the flame and colors of the ember bed, giving you more color combinations and vibrant flames.

Featured rustic electric fireplace: Modern Flames RedStone 42" Built-In Electric Fireplace Insert RS-4229

It’s designed for easy installation. Just slide it in a rough frame wall or a finished opening - like electric wall mounted fireplaces, and finish with trim for a professional look.

Get this for less today! Available in 4 sizes:


CLX 2 Series

Since 2010, the CLX series has been the standard for linear electric fireplaces. This model is the epitome of understated beauty and ease of installation that Modern Flames has been striving for throughout their whole line.

The CLX 2 Series is the improved version of the award-winning CLX series. It features hyper-realistic flame patterns as well as flames that change hues from orange to blue. It can be installed in any 2" x 4" wall as an electric recessed fireplace, or built-in or wall mounted electric fireplaces. Perfect if you have wall mount fireplace ideas in mind.

Modern Flames CLX 2 Series Built-In/Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured LED electric fireplace: Modern Flames CLX 2 Series 60" Electric Wall Mount Fireplaces AL60CLX2-G

Each CLX 2 electric fireplace also comes with replaceable decorative media, including premium coal and glacier glass media, so you can go from a traditional to a more modern aesthetic.

Buy Electric Fireplaces on sale! Available in 4 sizes:

Note: The CLX 2 Series is planned to be discontinued and replaced with the newer Spectrum Slimline and Landscape Pro Slim.


Landscape Pro Multi Series

The Landscape Pro Multi Series is a high-end, 3-sided real looking electric fireplace that can be installed in 12 different ways. It can be fully controlled with a remote, Wi-Fi app, and Smart Home.

Additionally, these indoor electric fireplaces have the best electric fireplace heaters, an ember bed, and a multicolored downlight. The colors are distinct from each other so they can produce hundreds of color combinations.

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 96" 3-Sided Electric Fireplace LPM-9616 | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured living room electric fireplace: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi 96" 3-Sided Electric Fireplace LPM-9616

This model is ideal for those searching for a powerful electric heater fireplace. Out of all the Modern Flames electric fireplaces, this one has the most power. This might be the one for you if you want a modern, realistic electric fireplace with all the bells and whistles, as well as a variety of heat and color settings.

Get this at a discounted price! Available in 5 sizes:


Landscape Pro Slim Series

The Landscape Pro Slim Series is one of the best and most compatible designs for mounting alongside your TV to create a sleek, unique entertainment center. This model is a real built-in fireplace with standard 2" x 6" framing requirements. Requires very little trim or frame for a truly frameless installation.

A realistic electric fireplace insert that includes a more vivid, lifelike flame technology, an ember bed, and downlighting, all of which can be controlled separately via a color wheel, allowing everyone to choose their ideal flame color.

Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim 56" Built-In Electric Fireplace LPS-5614 | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured Bedroom Electric Fireplace: Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim 56" Built-In Electric Fireplace LPS-5614

It includes a Wi-Fi full-featured app and a hand-painted realistic log set. It also features a new ceramic heater with a programmable thermostat that can be controlled through a smartphone app or wireless wall control.

A perfect electric fireplace for bedrooms. Avail now! Available in 5 sizes:


Spectrum Slimline Series

The Spectrum Slimline Series are electric wall fireplaces that feature 12 different flame and ember bed colors, as well as brightness and speed controls. These wall mount electric fireplaces can be mounted into a wall or recessed into a 2” x 4” wall. It includes glass crystals and a detailed log set. The slim 5/8" frame allows the fireplace's finishing material, such as brick or tile, to extend all the way to the edge.

Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline 60" Built-In/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace SPS-60B | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured: Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline 60-inch Electric Fireplace SPS-60B

This ultra-chic electric fireplace will provide a magnificent gathering spot for your home or business with its minimalist design and installation. 

Grab this at discount now! Available in 4 sizes:


Landscape FullView 2 Series

If you're thinking of replacing your linear gas fireplace, the Landscape FullView 2 Series is a great, cheaper alternative. It features a frameless design, built-in setup, and a clean face that enables you to view the flame from one end to another.

Modern Flames Landscape FullView 2 120" Built-In Electric Fireplace LFV2-120/15-SH | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured large electric fireplaces: Modern Flames Landscape FullView 2 120" Built-In Electric Fireplace LFV2-120/15-SH

This is the most popular choice among residential and commercial customers who want a modern fireplace electric with realistic looking flames.

Buy yours today! Available in 5 sizes:

Note: The Landscape FullView 2 Series is planned to be discontinued and replaced with the newer Landscape Pro Slim and Landscape Pro Multi.


Final Word

Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces are of the highest quality and are perfect for both residential and commercial use. One of the best electric fireplace brands that are unique to the market, such as cordless, heatless, battery operated, smart log inserts, etc.

The CLX2 and Landscape-2 Series are about to be phased out, but they will be replaced by new and improved collections. Take a look at them here:


Modern Flames Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Check our Modern Flames collection. Feel free to browse the vast selection of electric fireplaces and fireplace accessories.

Reasons to Buy Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

  • Modern and innovative designs
  • High-quality construction
  • Realistic looking flames
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to control via phone app, Alexa or Google Home
  • Broad flame and ember bed colors selection

The success of Modern Flames is based on constant product development and innovation. So, whatever you need from a fireplace, Modern Flames will always deliver!

Need assistance? Contact us or call our customer support at +1-800-923-4556 or send us an email at to get the best electric fireplaces for your needs.

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