Best Electric Fireplace Brands in 2023 [Updated August 2023]


When it comes to fireplaces, the traditional fireplace that uses real wood to burn is the most common type. But those who lack access to wood or prefer an energy-efficient and cleaner method seek an alternative solution to create warm spaces and generate heat inside their room efficiently.

There are various types of fireplaces available, ranging from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to modern fireplaces with the latest technology. But which one is the best?

If you desire the comforting warmth provided by electric fireplace heaters without the hassle of extensive installation and maintenance, an Electric Fireplace is the ideal choice!

Electric Fireplaces 

Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Electric fireplaces, unlike wood-burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces, do not emit fumes or soot, allowing them to be used in practically any space without the need for additional ventilation.

Electric fireplaces offer adjustable heat settings, great heat output, and realistic flames, plus they’re reasonably priced. Of all the types of fireplaces available, an electric fireplace is one of the safest to have in your home because it doesn't require a flue or chimney to operate. Another great thing about an electric fireplace is that it's highly customizable and can be used for many different occasions.

Are you interested in learning more about electric fireplaces? Continue reading to discover more about them, and don't forget to check out our top picks from the many electric fireplaces available.

Top Electric Fireplace Brands

1. Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Dimplex offers the largest selection of the best electric fireplaces and fireplace TV stand, showcasing a wide variety of styles, finishes, and mounting options to complement any space. Experience the unparalleled realism of our electric fireplaces, powered by innovative LED technology, with customizable flame effects, flame speed, flame colors, flame operation, and temperature settings.

Explore our latest collection of Dimplex Linear Electric Fireplaces and Dimplex Electric Built-in Fireboxes, featuring stunning multicolored flames and a range of ember bed colors for a truly immersive experience. Upgrade to the most realistic electric fireplace with Dimplex!

If you're looking for the best Dimplex Fireplace, check these out:

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro Series

Dimplex 40" Opti-Myst 1000 Water Vapor Electric Fireplace Cassette CDFI1000-PRO | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro Series provides the most realistic fireplace experience possible. Unlike the Opti V, this series features Opti-Myst technology, which produces a patented 3-dimensional flame effect that is extraordinarily lifelike. Consider the ideal fireplace for you, with any length, location, and number of sides.

This unit features an option that enables you to connect multiple cassettes to built-in linear installations. The original, ultrasonic Opti-Myst technology is water-based and it creates water vapor that unique lighting patterns reflect off of to provide the illusion of a real burning flame and smoke effect. You can use the unit as is, or you can add your own media like rocks or even real logs.


Built-in Firebox:

Built-in Linear:

Dimplex Ignite XL Bold Series

Dimplex IgniteXL Bold Series Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Enhance your room with the remarkable Dimplex IgniteXL Bold Series Electric Fireplace. The collection has a 50 to 100-inch electric fireplace that offers both style and functionality, perfect for optimizing floor space while providing cozy warmth.

With its multi-function remote control, you can effortlessly adjust the heat settings and the adjustable thermostat to create the ideal ambiance for your room. Experience the convenience and comfort of this stunning fireplace, capable of heating a large space up to 1,000 square feet.

Other sizes:

Dimplex Sierra Series

Dimplex Sierra Series Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Transform your space with the Dimplex Sierra Linear Series electric fireplace heater. This versatile fireplace offers flexible installation options, allowing you to hang it on the wall or place it on a tabletop stand. With the multi-function remote control, you can effortlessly alternate between eight ember beds and flame colors, creating a truly customized and realistic fireplace experience.

Whether for existing fireplaces or new installations, this electric fireplace is perfect for rooms of various sizes, heating up to a generous number of square feet. Elevate your ambiance with the Dimplex Sierra Linear Series electric fireplace heater today!

Other sizes:

2. Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii has been the go-to brand for electric fireplaces, offering a wide range of options for both dealers and homeowners. Their sleek and contemporary designs make them an ideal choice for any room, whether it's a cozy home, an office space, or a bustling restaurant. With Amantii electric fireplaces, you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Amantii fireplace and electric fireplace insert today.

Our top choice and best-seller from the stunning selection of Amantii electric fireplaces:

Amantii Tru-View Series Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Tru-View Series Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Amantii Tru-View Series has one of the best 3-sided electric fireplaces! It's great for any location because it can be both an electric indoor fireplace and an outdoor electric fireplace, which is incredibly innovative! With heating capabilities that can warm up to 400 square feet, it provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

With its captivating Amantii FIRE & ICE® flame presentation and a wide range of media options, you'll enjoy a breathtaking view from every angle of this see-through electric fireplace heater. Explore the selection of different sizes, from small to large fireplace, all offering the same features. Find the perfect fit for your space and transform it into a cozy haven.

Amantii Tru-View Slim:

Amantii Tru-View Bespoke:

Amantii Tru-View XL:

Check out all the available sizes here: Amantii Tru-View Series Electric Fireplaces

Amantii Panorama Series

Amantii Panorama Series | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Amantii Panorama Series Electric Fireplaces offer an unparalleled viewing experience with its exceptional full-view area. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance as the realistic flames and glowing embers fill the room from a wider perspective, becoming a mesmerizing focal point. What sets the Panorama series apart is its true trimless design. Without visible trim or frame, this fireplace seamlessly integrates into the wall, exuding a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

With the Panorama series' full view area, every angle is beautifully visible, making it a perfect choice for installation in central areas of a room. It can also enhance areas of up to 400 square feet. Whether you're unwinding on a cozy night or entertaining guests, everyone can appreciate the fireplace's beauty and warmth from various vantage points.

Available sizes:

Check out all the available sizes here: Amantii Panorama Series

3. SimpliFire Electric Fireplaces

Discover the innovative electric fireplaces by SimpliFire from Hearth & Home Technologies, where cutting-edge technology meets eco-friendly features. Whether you choose a wall-mounted or freestanding option, available in both modern and traditional designs, these electric fireplaces will transform your room into the ultimate comfort zone of up to 400 square feet. Plus, they are safe to place above a TV stand, ensuring a cozy and stylish ambiance without compromising on safety.

These are some of our top picks:

SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Series Electric Fireplace

SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Series Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Transform your home with the SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Series Electric Fireplace. This fireplace was created to provide comfort and ambiance. It includes a multi-function remote control and best of all, you can enjoy the fireplace all year long with or without the heat. Plus, you can personalize your media, flame, and color lighting themes with this upscale linear electric fireplace.

Available sizes:

SimpliFire Scion Series Electric Fireplace

SimpliFire Scion Series Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Introducing the SimpliFire Scion Series Electric Fireplace—an ideal solution for bringing the coziness of a fireplace into your space, without the hassle of gas lines or venting. With this innovative fireplace, you have the freedom to safely place a TV or showcase artwork directly above it, maximizing your room's potential.

The realistic flames can be enjoyed with or without heat, allowing you to bask in the flickering glow all year round. Embrace the comfort and beauty of a fireplace with the SimpliFire Scion Series.

Available sizes:

4. Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames has made it possible for contemporary electric fireplaces to stand out and create a new industry standard by using ultra-realistic flame patterns and revolutionary technologies developed by hearth professionals.

At the heart of their extraordinary achievement lies the mesmerizing allure of ultra-realistic flame patterns. These meticulously designed flames dance and flicker with an uncanny resemblance to their traditional counterparts, evoking a sense of warmth and ambiance that is simply breathtaking.

But it doesn't stop there. Modern Flames has gone above and beyond to ensure that their electric fireplaces not only dazzle visually, but also operate seamlessly. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has resulted in the development of groundbreaking features and functionalities that elevate the overall experience.

These are some of our top choices:

Sedona Pro Multi Series 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi Series 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi Series 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces allow you multiple configurations. You can go with a single-sided installation or get creative and heat different sides of the room with a multi-sided installation.

The new multi-color flame technology, paired with matching uplighting and downlighting, creates a completely individualized experience in your home. There are hundreds of lovely color schemes to select from too!

Available sizes:

Spectrum Slimline Series Built-In/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Spectrum Slimline Series Built-In/Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline Series has revolutionized the recessed electric fireplace industry. It has high-intensity flame and ember bed lighting with the innovative Hybrid-FXTM flame technology that can be controlled independently with 12 different color options. Variable and thermostatic heat, variable motor controls, timer, push-button, and remote controls are also included as standard features.

Available sizes:

RedStone Series Built-In Electric Fireplaces

Modern Flames RedStone Series Built-In Electric Fireplace Inserts | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

The new Modern Flames RedStone Series has upgraded its built-in, flush-mount electric fireplaces. It is equipped with revolutionary Hybrid-FXTM flame technology, which maximizes flame height in a larger vertical viewing area. The high-intensity RGB individually controlled up lighting, down lighting, and flame color is just a few of the eye-catching features. There are also 10 unique colors to choose from. Variable and thermostatically controlled heat, variable motor controls, timer, push-button, and remote controls are some of its standard features.

Available sizes:

5. Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Napoleon Electric Fireplaces are designed to improve the look and feel of any space in your home. They're easy to use and can even be controlled remotely, with various colored flames to set the mood. Napoleon Electric Fireplaces and Napoleon Electric Fireplace Inserts can be used year-round and can be used with or without heat.

Step beyond the boundaries of seasons, for these remarkable creations graciously accompany you throughout the year. With their versatile nature, Napoleon Electric Fireplaces and their accompanying Inserts embrace the changing moods of each season, providing both resplendent heat during colder months and a captivating display of flames.

Unleash your creativity and reimagine your home with Napoleon Electric Fireplaces—a seamless blend of innovation, style, and functionality that elevates the art of home décor to extraordinary heights.

Napoleon Alluravision Series

Napoleon Alluravision Series Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Featured: Napoleon Alluravision 74" Slimline Electric Fireplace

Looking for a modern and functional electric wall mounted fireplace? You will love the Napoleon Alluravision Electric Wall Fireplaces. These electric fireplace wall mounted units add warmth and a brilliant display of flames to your home in an instant.

See all other sizes from the Napoleon Alluravision Collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Fireplaces

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

How do electric fireplaces work?

Electric fireplaces are the epitome of convenience and style. These ingenious creations operate by tapping into the power of electricity, which fuels their heating elements and LED lights to bring you the perfect combination of warmth and visual appeal.

When you cozy up in front of an electric fireplace, the heating elements kick into action. They diligently generate a gentle, comforting heat that spreads throughout the room, enveloping you in a cozy embrace. You can bid farewell to chilly evenings and welcome the soothing heat that radiates from these cleverly designed elements.

But that's not all. The LED lights take center stage in creating the mesmerizing illusion of a real fire. Through a careful arrangement of flickering lights, they artfully mimic the dance and crackle of a fire. The result is a stunning visual spectacle that captivates your senses and adds a touch of magic to any space.

Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

No, there is no need for a vent, chimney, or flue. They are ideal for use in apartments or houses without an existing fireplace. Most electric fireplaces do not require venting because they don't produce real fire or smoke, which means they don't pollute your home's air quality. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their low installation costs and lack of emissions.

Living Room Electric Fireplace| Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Do electric fireplaces have real flames?

No, electric fireplaces do not have real flames. The "flame" is formed by light, usually an LED that creates the illusion of a real flame. So, it’s like a fake fireplace with heat and lifelike flames.

Do electric fireplaces give off heat? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Do electric fireplaces really warm a room?

Yes, electric fireplaces are producing heat. However, there are exceptions.

Other electric fireplaces can have their flame settings turned on whether or not the heating function is switched on. Since they don’t have a real flame, the heat is usually generated by infrared heaters built into a unit with an adjustable thermostat and included remote control to heat output and heat settings such as high, medium, or low.

There are also a few electric fireplaces that are not space heaters at all. So if you don't want the heat but still want the ambiance and feel of a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace without a heat function is ideal for you.

Which electric fireplace insert gives the most heat? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Which electric fireplace insert gives the most heat?

When considering the heat output of an electric fireplace insert, can vary depending on various factors such as the model, wattage, and design of the fireplace insert. Generally, the best insert offers a range of heat settings from around 4,000 BTUs to 9,000 BTUs. However, it's important to note that the heat output alone may not be the sole indicator of the best electric fireplace inserts for your needs.

Are electric fireplace worth it? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Are electric fireplace inserts worth it?

For those in search of a supplemental heat source or need to upgrade their existing fireplace, electric fireplace inserts can prove to be a worthwhile investment. With their latest technology, these inserts offer the convenience of a heater combined with a realistic flame appearance, customizable features, and low-maintenance operation.

Are electric fireplaces safe? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Are electric fireplaces safe?

An electric fireplace is safer than other types of fireplaces or any other fireplaces. It stays cool to the touch even when the heater is on which makes it safe to have especially around small children and pets.

No real flame, no burns, and no dangerous emissions, therefore they don't pollute the air inside your home. This is significantly beneficial for people who suffer from asthma or other breathing problems, and simply those who are concerned about their health.

Electric Fireplace | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

These fireplaces can be used as bedroom fireplaces or bathroom fireplaces. You can come up with a lot of electric fireplace ideas with TV stand or entertainment center because they're safe around gadgets and electronic devices too. They can also be installed in any living space with combustible materials like drywall or cabinets without causing any hazards.

Electric fireplace ideas with tv above | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Do electric fireplace heaters use a lot of electricity?

Electric fireplaces consume a similar amount of electrical energy as your typical electric heater. These fireplaces operate using a standard household outlet, drawing approximately 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps while running the heater. This translates to an electrical usage of around 120 volts, which is quite common for these appliances.

What are the disadvantages of an electric fireplace? | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

What are the disadvantages of an electric fireplace?

While an electric fireplace offers several benefits, some potential disadvantages include limited heat output compared to a traditional fireplace, higher energy costs, the absence of authentic crackling sounds, and the aroma of burning wood.

Best Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

What company makes the best electric fireplaces?

As electric fireplaces continue to gain popularity as a convenient heating option, we've received numerous inquiries about the best brands. Without further ado, here are our top-rated electric fireplace brands:

Deals on Electric Fireplaces

Shop for Electric Fireplaces | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

When it comes to fireplaces, electric fireplaces have gained immense popularity. While the traditional wood-burning fireplace may be the first image that comes to mind, the technology has evolved significantly over the years.

Electric fireplaces offer a fantastic option for enhancing your home. They have the ability to transform any space into a safe and inviting environment, making them an ideal focal point in any room. If you're considering adding an electric fireplace to your home, there are numerous fireplace ideas to explore.

Additionally, you can find a wide range of fireplaces for sale at Flame Authority, allowing you to buy a fireplace that suits your style and budget. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our amazing deals and discounts to make your purchase even more affordable.

In every review we conduct, our goal is to provide recommendations for the best electric fireplace models after thorough research. We invest countless hours exploring the available options to compile our list of recommended products. To earn a spot on this list, a fireplace must demonstrate a strong sales record, receive outstanding customer reviews, and offer unique features.

Buy Fireplace at Flame Authority Today!

Fireplace Trends: Best Fireplace Ideas For Your Home | Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

Welcome to Flame Authority, where we take great delight in offering you the absolute best in electric fireplaces. Our mission is simple: to provide you with top-tier products that bring warm beauty to your living spaces.

As the No. 1 Trusted Dealer in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence that spans years of dedicated service. We have proudly served countless households and business owners, catering to their needs and surpassing their expectations with our exceptional range of appliances and devices.

When you choose Flame Authority, you can rest assured that you are investing in quality and reliability. We curate our selection with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every electric fireplace we offer meets our stringent standards of performance, durability, and style.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary, and we believe that it deserves nothing but the finest. That's why we go above and beyond to source the most innovative and cutting-edge electric fireplaces on the market. From sleek and modern designs to timeless classics, our collection encompasses a diverse array of options to suit every taste and décor.

But it's not just about the aesthetics. Our electric fireplaces are carefully crafted with advanced technology, ensuring optimal functionality and energy efficiency. They boast intuitive controls, allowing you to easily adjust heat settings and flame effects to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Electric Fireplaces at Flame Authority - Trusted Dealer

At Flame Authority, we are committed to providing you with a seamless shopping experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always ready to assist you, guiding you through the selection process and answering any questions you may have. We take pride in our exceptional customer service, striving to make your journey with us as enjoyable as possible.

When you choose Flame Authority, you are choosing more than just a product—you are choosing a trusted partner in transforming your space into a cozy and inviting haven. Join our satisfied customers and discover the difference that our top-notch electric fireplaces can make in your home or business.

Looking for more options to enhance your living spaces? Check out all our fireplaces, corner electric fireplace, free-standing electric fireplaces, free-standing fireplaces, built-in fireplaces, fireboxes, and fireplace inserts. Create the perfect outdoor setting for gatherings with patio heaters, fire pits, and BBQ grills.

Contact us or call our sales experts at +1-800-923-4556 if you need assistance with placing an order!


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