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    Amantii has been producing electric fireplaces for more than a decade. It has an established track record in North America and Europe, similar to its sister company Sierra Flame, and continues to source state-of-the-art products from all over the world. Amantii is widely regarded as having one of the best electric fireplace designs and innovative features in the industry.

    Amantii electric fireplaces are ideal for use in homes, workplaces, restaurants, and other commercial establishments. Many designers, architects, builders, and homeowners prefer them because of their clean, contemporary design and creative styles.

    These electric fireplaces are available in nearly every size and shape. There's an Amantii fireplace for practically everyone, from wall mount/flush mount fireplaces to zero clearance fireplaces and electric fireplace inserts. Because of its advanced technology and a broad range of media and designs, Amantii is an easy choice for dealers and homeowners.

    Features of Amantii Electric Fireplaces:

    • Easy installation and set-up
    • Stunning contemporary designs
    • Versatile applications
    • Adjustable LED lights

    We have a beautiful collection of Amantii designs and installation types to fit unique preferences and requirements. Take a look at some of our most popular electric fireplace lines: Traditional, Panorama, Tru-View, Wall-Mount/Flush-Mount, Zero Clearance, and Inserts are some of the options available.

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    159 products