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    Sierra Flame is a well-known manufacturer of gas and electric fireplaces with modern, elegant, and cutting-edge designs. Their product models and designs are the results of nearly four decades of experience in the fireplace and heating industries. Sierra Flame, like its sister brand Amantii, is trusted all over the world.

    Sierra Flame Gas Fireplaces - Designed to be used everywhere as long as it's powered by gas (propane tank or natural gas line). They can be used in residential, commercial, and business establishments. Even well-known designers, engineers, architects, and manufacturers have put these fireplaces at the top of their lists.

    Sierra Flame Electric Fireplaces - Electric fireplaces are also available in Sierra Flame. Choose from electric inserts, linear, free-standing, built-in, and wall mount models. There are areas that do not have access to natural gas, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the warmth and beauty that Sierra Flame is recognized for.

    Features of Sierra Flame:

    • The pinnacle of style and functionality
    • Life-like flame for electric fireplaces
    • Made of high-quality components and materials
    • Provides quality decorative fire media
    • Safe and efficient

    Some of these models have features that include adjustable heat settings, flame speed, and lighting. You can modify the setting from day to night with multiple lighting options.

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    98 products