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    Looking for a new grill or want to upgrade your outdoor kitchen? If you love cooking outdoors, gas grills are an excellent investment. The American Made Grills’ professional and high-quality gas grills made in the USA are well worth the investment.

    Why choose American Made Gas Grills?

    The best gas grills you can ever invest in are from American Made Grills. AMG gas grills give you a superior cooking experience, stellar craftsmanship, more cooking space, better heat distribution, and innovative options. Plus, they are made in America grills! AMG gas grills can be powered with natural gas or liquid propane.

    American Made Grills - Best Gas Grills Collection

    Estate Series

    The Estate Series is a high-end gas grill series that is wholly designed and manufactured in the United States. Every detail, from the interior and exterior lighting to the spring-assisted hood and rotisserie storage, was meticulously designed to meet the best quality standards.

    Estate Best Built-in Gas Grills

    The best built-in grills let you create the ideal outdoor setting by transforming it into a personalized outdoor kitchen island, just like the Estate Built-in Gas Grill.

    Product Name  AMG Number Size
    AMG Estate 30" Built-in Gas Grills 30"
    AMG Estate 36" Built-in Gas Grills 36"
    AMG Estate 42" Built-in Gas Grills 42"


    Freestanding Estate Grill

    The Freestanding Estate grills are the same high-quality gas grills as the built-in model, just offered in a cart. The best American-made propane grills and top-rated natural gas grills, with soft-close drawers, sturdy track slides, liquid propane tank storage, and high-weight-capacity shelving.

    Featured: Estate 42" Freestanding Gas Grill

    Product Name  AMG Number Size
    AMG Estate 30" Freestanding Gas Grill 30"
    AMG Estate 36" Freestanding Gas Grill 36"
    AMG Estate 42" Freestanding Gas Grill 42"



    Atlas Series

    Atlas Series is a luxury grill series with seamless design and exceptional performance that will elevate your outdoor lifestyle. It comes with a dual warm racking system, stainless steel construction, and internal and external lighting to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor kitchen in terms of both design and functionality.

    Freestanding Atlas Gas Grill

    Product  AMG Number Size
    AMG Atlas 36" Freestanding Gas Grill 36"


    Atlas Built-in Gas Grill

    Product  AMG Number Size
    AMG Atlas 36" Built-in Gas Grills 36"


    American Made Grills are high-performance luxury grills designed to revolutionize outdoor grilling. Say goodbye to cheap, low-quality barbecues, American Made Grills combine the greatest components, features, and design into a single package. Build your grill right now!

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