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    Are outdoor refrigerators or cold stations necessary for an outdoor kitchen? Well, if space and budget allow, then absolutely YES! Having access to an outdoor cooler refrigerator is extremely convenient for everyday and entertainment purposes.

    Many outdoor kitchens now have a cold station – which is an outdoor kitchen with refrigerators or outdoor beverage refrigerators, wine coolers, ice makers, and kegerators. These outdoor kitchen refrigerators conveniently store raw meat, vegetables, beverages, condiments, and other ingredients used for grilling.

    Why choose RCS Outdoor Refrigerators?

    Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) has expanded its collection of RCS Outdoor Refrigeration Systems. So if you’re looking for an outdoor refrigerator for outdoor kitchen, whether it’s a big or small outdoor refrigerator, the best outdoor refrigerators can be found in the RCS Refrigeration Collection.

    They offer some of the best value with premium quality and features at a reasonable price. Stainless steel, digital controls, front ventilation, stylish handles, locking doors, and more. The outdoor rated beverage refrigerators and outdoor refrigerators for sale are ADA-compliant too.

    RCS Renaissance Cooking System - Best Outdoor Refrigerators

    RCS 24" 5.6 cu.ft. UL Refrigerator REFR2ARCS 24" 5.6 cu.ft. UL Refrigerator REFR2A

    Featured: RCS 24" 5.6 cu.ft. UL Refrigerator REFR2A

     Product Name  Model Number Size (width)
    RCS Refrigerator REFR2A 24"
    RCS Ice Maker REFR3 15"
    RCS Two Drawer Refrigerator REFR4 24"
    RCS Narrow Refrigerator REFR5 15"
    RCS Kegerator REFR6 24"
    RCS Wine Cooler RWC1 15"
    RCS Drop-in Cooler VIC2 23"

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    3 products
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