Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Outdoor Heater On Sale

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    Looking for powerful radiant gas heaters for patios to warm up your outdoor living spaces? This Fall Season Sale, we are happy to announce that the best portable outdoor heater from Bromic Heating USA, Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat Portable Heater is ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME.

    Why choose Bromic Heaters?

    The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Outdoor Heaters BH0510001 are works of modern art with their sleek black finish and pragmatic design. These portable heaters provide effective directed heat and a flexible heating option. Its modular design and built-in wheels make it simple to move around smaller places.

    Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Outdoor Heater on Sale!!

    Fuel Type:

    You might also want to look into the other Bromic patio heaters, which are available in 2 fuel types: Bromic Electric Heater and Bromic Gas Heater. The Smart-Heat™ collection is available in Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat, Bromic Platinum Smart Heat, and Bromic Eclipse Smart Heat.


    Do the Bromic outdoor heaters come with a controller?

    The Bromic heaters don't come with a controller, but they do have a number of controls that can be added on as an extra. Check out Bromic Heater Remote BH3130010-1.

    Do Bromic patio gas heaters have great heat output?

    Bromic Electric Heaters, Bromic Gas Heaters, and Bromic Portable Heaters have excellent heat output and powerful radiant heat. You might find this blog interesting: What is BTU in Heaters and Fireplaces?

    What is the best propane patio heater?

    One of the best propane heaters for patios is offered by Bromic. In this Fall Edition Sale, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Outdoor Heater is discounted! Buy now before this offer ends!

    Shop Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Outdoor Heaters at Flame Authority! If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556 or email us at

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