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    Looking for a convenient way to grill excellent meals without the fuss of charcoal or wood? AMG Estate Gas Grills made in the USA might be the one you need to complete your outdoor kitchen!

    Why choose Estate Series by American Made Grills?

    The Estate Series are high quality gas grills made in the USA. From the interior and exterior lighting to the spring-assisted hood and rotisserie storage, every feature was precisely crafted to meet the highest quality standards.

    Estate Series 

    Estate Best Built in Gas Grills

    Build your customized outdoor kitchen with the Estate Built-in Gas Grill, one of AMG’s best built in grills.

    Product Name  AMG Number Size
    AMG Estate 30" Built-in Gas Grills 30"
    AMG Estate 36" Built-in Gas Grills 36"
    AMG Estate 42" Built-in Gas Grills 42"


    Freestanding Estate Grill

    Estate Freestanding Grills are the same as the built in gas grills, but in a cart. Soft-close drawers, strong track slides, propane tank storage, and high-capacity shelving are all included in this package.

    Featured: Estate 42" Freestanding Gas Grill

    Product Name  AMG Number Size
    AMG Estate 30" Freestanding Gas Grill 30"
    AMG Estate 36" Freestanding Gas Grill 36"
    AMG Estate 42" Freestanding Gas Grill 42"


    Estate Series - Burners/Accessories

    Carts for Estate Freestanding Grills

    Side Burners / Power Burners

     Product Name Fuel Type (AMG Number)
    Estate Double Side Burner
    Estate Power Burner

    Rotisserie Kits

    • Rotisserie Kit for 30" Estate
    • Rotisserie Kit for 36" Estate
    • Rotisserie Kit for 42" Estate

    Grill Liners / Insulating Jackets

    Built-in Grill Burner Covers

    • 30" Estate Built-in Grill Cover
    • 36" Estate Built-in Grill Cover
    • 42" Estate Built-in Grill Cover

    Freestanding Cart Covers

    • 30" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 36" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 42" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover

    With American Made Gas Grills, you can create your dream outdoor kitchen and boost your cooking and grilling experience! 

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    6 products