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    Today’s Black Friday Sale offers you Fire Magic Grills that are built to last a lifetime! Get up to 50% off on Fire Magic, the finest grills in the market!

    Get HUGE DEALS on the best built-in grills, portable grills, electric grills, post-mounted charcoal grills, and gas grills made in USA, as well as grill accessories like griddles, side cookers, searing stations, and island bundles.

    Black Friday Deals: Fire Magic - The Best Luxury Grills!

    Fire Magic offers all types of grills at a huge discount – including fire magic gas grills, gas charcoal combo grills, built-in gas and charcoal grills, freestanding charcoal and gas grills, charcoal grill in ground, electric grills, and more.

    Fire Magic Grills on Sale

    Featured in this Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Review: Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 36" Portable Grill w/ Double Side Burner E790s

    Fire Magic Grills

    Other Fire Magic Products

    • Fire Magic Island Bundles
    • Fire Magic BBQ Equipment / Island Systems
    • Fire Magic Pizza Ovens
    • Fire Magic Refrigerators
    • Fire Magic Beverage Centers

    Fire Magic Grill Accessories

    • Fire Magic Grill Parts
    • Fire Magic Grill Covers
    • Vent Hoods
    • Fire Magic Side Cookers
    • Fire Magic Power Burners
    • Fire Magic Side Burners
    • Fire Magic Searing Stations
    • Fire Magic Griddles / Fire Magic Stainless Steel Griddles



    What is the best gas grill?

    Looking for the best built-in gas grills or freestanding gas grills? Here's an article for you: Top 5 Best Gas Grills

    Does Fire Magic offer accessories and grill parts?

    Yes. Fire Magic Grill Accessories include vent hood covers, doors & drawers, insulated jackets, rotisserie kits, smokers, grill trays, outdoor fridges, double sinks, and more.

    Is Fire Magic made in the USA?

    Yes. Fire Magic provides USA-made gas grills,  gas charcoal grill combo, built-in charcoal grills, cast iron grills, countertop grills, and more!

    Shop for Fire Magic - Black Friday Sale at Flame Authority, your trusted dealer of charcoal and gas grill combo, charcoal rotisserie grills, freestanding cart grills, and grills made in the USA.

    If you have any concerns about Fire Magic or other products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556  or email us at

    410 products
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    Fire Magic Vent Hood 36” Spacer 36-VH-7-02
    Fire Magic
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