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    Looking for premium quality grills that are made in the USA? Check out American Made Grills! Setting the bar for quality, creativity, and performance. 

    Why choose American Made Grills?

    There is no better time than now to provide outdoor grills made in the USA. American Made Grills has a large selection of made in America grills. With over 20 years of leadership in branding and manufacturing, they take pride in using only the best materials and are committed to the quality of craftsmanship of the whole American Made Grills line.

    Upgrade your grilling setup. Get a hybrid grill, a gas grill, or American Made Grill tools and enjoy the outdoors!

    American Made Grills Collection

    Featured: American Made Grills AMG Muscle 54" Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill MUSFS54

    Hybrid Grills

    Looking for a charcoal grill made in USA? How about gas grills made in USA? Why not combine a combination of it all: charcoal, wood chunks, natural gas, liquid propane, and smoking BBQ grill. With this kind of innovation, you can have the best of both worlds with Hybrid Grills!

    • Encore Series - the Encore Grill has a sleek, modern design that adds a sense of sophistication to any outdoor space. If you want high quality gas grills, go for American Made gas grills that have hybrid features like the Encore Series.
    • Muscle Series - the American Muscle Grill price is worth it. You're paying for power, speed, and flair. The Muscle Grill has a solid, high-quality stainless steel structure, a high BTU output, and a variety of fuel sources.

    Gas Grills

    Looking for the best outdoor Gas Grills? The Estate and Atlas series are two of the best American Made propane grills and best natural gas grills. Let's check them out!

    • Estate Series - the Estate Grill was meticulously designed to satisfy the highest quality standards, including inside and exterior lighting, a spring-assisted hood, rotisserie storage, and more. To enhance your cuisines and grilling experience!
    • Atlas Series - the Atlas Grill's seamless design, durable construction, dual warming rack system, exterior lighting, and exceptional performance will surely elevate your outdoor kitchen and grilling experience in no time!



    What grills are made in the USA?

    Brands like American Made Grills are made in the USA. 

    What accessories do I need for gas grills?

    Side burners are the perfect addition to your outdoor grills and a great way for more cooking surfaces. You also need to protect your grill with Outdoor Vent Hoods. Check out Grill Accessories for American Made Grills.

    What type of grill do most Americans use?

    Gas grills are the most popular type of grill in the USA. Want to know the top 5 gas grills and grill brands to buy this year? Check this blog: Top 5 Best Gas Grills 2022

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    167 products