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Glen Dimplex Americas, backed by the Glen Dimplex Group - the world's largest manufacturer of electrical heating - has a diverse line of products for residential, commercial, and industrial use such as Dimplex Heaters, Dimplex Linear Electric Fireplaces, and Dimplex Electric Fireboxes & Inserts.

Dimplex® is dedicated to providing excellence to customers based on four key pillars: Innovation, Design, Quality, and Support. These principles define Dimplex® and its commitment to provide excellence in all areas.

Innovation – For the past 25 years, Dimplex has been continually bringing industry-changing innovation with its industry-leading R&D and engineering teams focused on creating products that provide the best user experience and technology. In-house UL/CSA laboratory certified ensuring quality and safety at every stage. The company's dedication to innovation has resulted in exceptional product development and design.

Design – Dimplex® products are built with the needs of customers in mind, from keeping up with the newest furniture and home décor trends to engaging on-site with construction and electrical industry specialists.

Quality – Dimplex® products offer a superior experience through high-quality products and revolutionary flame and heating technology.

Key Features of Dimplex

  • Award-winning innovations
  • Patented flame and heating technology
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Realistic looking flames
  • Wide array of styles, accents, and finishes to fit every style and application

Shop our Dimplex products below. If you have any concerns about Dimplex or other products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556

Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your concerns and assist you in determining the best solution for your specific heating requirements.