American Outdoor Grill (AOG)

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    American Outdoor Grills (AOG) provide a touch of elegance to your outdoor kitchen, transforming any backyard grilling session into a fine dining experience. AOG grills are known for their rounded hoods, contoured faces, smooth finishes, and sleek designs.

    AOG has 2 types of grills: "T" series and "L" series

    American Outdoor Grill 'L Series' - The grills of the "L" series has an electronic push-button ignition system, interior halogen lights, and back-lit knobs operated by a push-button on the right side of the device, making them ideal for evening cooking. Power is required at 120 Volt AC.

    American Outdoor Grill 'T Series' - The grills of the "T" series use 304 stainless U Burner and heat vaporizing panels for heat disbursement. There are no bells and whistles on it, as well as no lights or electrical components. This is the most basic and affordable model in AOG. 

    These models can be purchased as built-in grills, portable grills, or island bundles.

    You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of open-air cooking for decades with AOG grills, which are made of the highest quality stainless steel construction and durable solid brass valves. You'll also love the performance, longevity, and aesthetics. Whether it's a built-in grill or a portable grill, you'll love the performance, dependability, and appearance.

    Features of AOG grills:

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Diamond sear cooking grids
    • Large cooking surface
    • Precise thermometer
    • Safe and easy to use

    American Outdoor Grill also known as AOG is manufactured in the City of Industry, CA by RH Peterson Co. The same company that manufactures quality gas products. Other product lines of RH Peterson Co. are Fire Magic Luxury Grills and Real Fyre Premium Gas Logs.

    Transform your outdoor kitchen with style and cooking excellence! Shop American Outdoor Grill (AOG) products below. If you have any concerns about AOG or other products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556

    143 products