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    Peterson Real Fyre provides all of the warmth, comfort, and elegance of a fireplace without the downsides of wood-burning fires. Real Fyre designs and crafts direct vent inserts and gas logs that look great with or without a fire. Real Fyre also has a wide range of contemporary styles for those desiring a more modern aesthetic.

    The gas fireplaces from Real Fyre are elegantly designed and carefully manufactured. The majority of the log and insert designs are hand-painted by expert craftsmen and artisans who have been honing their techniques for decades.

    Enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fireplace without having to deal with the mess, soot, and ashes. Real Fyre also provides a wide choice of magnificent glass and stone patterns in a number of colors to fit your decor for those seeking a more modern aesthetic.

    Peterson Real Fyre Features:

    • Greater compressive strength
    • More radiant heat
    • Improved rheology (flow rate) and greater log strength
    • Can withstand higher heat for extended periods of time
    • Lower iron content - the less likely for logs to oxidize.
    • Made with the finest quality materials and built to last

    Real Fyre is manufactured by RH Peterson Co. The same company that manufactures quality products. Other product lines of RH Peterson Co. are American Outdoor Grill and Fire Magic Luxury Grill.

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    128 products
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