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    American Made Grills has all of the accessories and storage solutions you'll need to complete your freestanding or built-in hybrid grills. Flame Authority offers everything your AMG grills need, from side burners and rotisserie kits to outdoor vent hoods, carts, and grill covers.

    Complete your American Made Grills and Accessories now and you won't be disappointed!

    American Made Grills Accessories


    These premium stainless steel grill carts add foundation to your freestanding grills. You can even store your liquid propane tanks and american made grill tools in the compartments. It’s created with practicality and longevity in mind, making the most of your high quality gas grills for many years to come.


    Featured: Muscle/Encore 54" Freestanding Cart

     Product Name AMG Number
    Atlas 36" Freestanding Cart CART-ATLAS36
    Encore/Muscle 36" Freestanding Cart CART-AMG36
    Muscle/Encore 54" Freestanding Cart CART-AMG54
    Estate 30" Freestanding Cart CART-EST30
    Estate 36" Freestanding Cart CART-EST36
    Estate 42" Freestanding Cart CART-EST42


    Outdoor Vent Hoods

    American Made Grils - Outdoor Vent Hood

    AMG has the best built in grills and best built in gas grills made in USA, so protect them with commercial-grade Vent Hoods. The Outdoor Vent Hood not only covers your built-in grill but also protects and extends its life.

     Product Name/Number Size
    Outdoor Vent Hood SSVH-36
    Outdoor Vent Hood SSVH-48
    Outdoor Vent Hood SSVH-60


    Grill Liners / Insulating Jackets

    The Grill Liners or Insulating Jackets for AMG grill is a built-in accessory that allows you to install your American made gas grills and hybrid grills in a combustible construction. It provides extra insulation on your grill island to ensure many years of grilling.

    American Made Grills Estate 36" Grill Liner

    Featured: Estate 36" Grill Liner

     Product Name AMG Number
    Encore/Muscle 36" Grill Liner GL-AMG36
    Encore/Muscle 54" Grill Liner GL-AMG54
    Estate 30" Grill Liner GL-EST30
    Estate 36" Grill Liner GL-EST36
    Estate 42" Grill Liner GL-EST42


    Side Burners and Power Burners

    The Side Burners and Power Burners from American Made Grills are practical and innovative additions to your built-in grills. The side burners are useful for adding more cooking surfaces to pots, pans, and skillets. Power Burners give you a wider surface area and more BTUs.

    American Made Grills Estate Double Side Burner

    Featured: Estate Double Side Burner

    Side Burners

    Fuel Type (AMG Number)

    Atlas Double Side Burner
    • Natural Gas: ATSSB2-NG
    • Liquid Propane: ATSSB2-LP
    Estate Double Side Burner

    American Made Grills Encore Power Burner

    Featured: Encore Power Burner

    Power Burners

    Fuel Type (AMG Number)

    Atlas Power Burner
    • Natural Gas: ATSPB2-NG
    • Liquid Propane: ATSPB2-LP
    Encore Power Burner
    Estate Power Burner
    Muscle Power Burner


    Rotisserie Kits

    American Made Grills Rotisserie Kit

    Each AMG grill usually comes with a rotisserie kit option. The Rotisserie Kit is an American Made Grill Tool that rotates near the heat source to cook the meat evenly on all sides.

    • Rotisserie Kit for 36" Atlas
    • Rotisserie Kit for 54" Encore/Muscle
    • Rotisserie Kit for 30" Estate
    • Rotisserie Kit for 36" Estate
    • Rotisserie Kit for 42" Estate

    Grill Covers

    Freestanding Grill Cart CoverBuilt-in Grill Cover

    Protect your built-in grills, freestanding carts, and side burners from the weather and keep them safe from rain, snow, ice and other outdoor elements. Nothing beats a great grill cover for extending the life of your smoking BBQ grills and gas grills made in the USA.

    Built-in Grill Covers

    • 36" Atlas Built-in Grill Cover
    • 36" Encore/Muscle Built-in Grill Cover
    • 54" Encore/Muscle Built-in Grill Cover
    • 30" Estate Built-in Grill Cover
    • 36" Estate Built-in Grill Cover
    • 42" Estate Built-in Grill Cover

    Freestanding Cart Covers

    • 36" Atlas Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 36" Encore/Muscle Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 54" Encore/Muscle Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 30" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 36" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover
    • 42" Estate Freestanding Cart Cover

    Side Burner Covers

    • Atlas Double Side Burner Cover
    • Estate Double Side Burner Cover
    • Large Power Burner Cover

    American Made Grills has a wide range of accessories and features to suit every grilling enthusiast. From the AMG grill liners to the matching side burners, there is an American Made Grill for everybody!

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