Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV

Fire Pit Art SKU: NAV Match Lit - NG
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV
Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV

Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV

Fire Pit Art SKU: NAV Match Lit - NG
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Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV Review

Are you looking for gas firepit outdoor for your backyard? Here's the Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV for you. Available here at Flame Authority your Trusted Dealer!

Fire Pit Art Authorized Dealer

This Fire Pit ArtĀ® original Navigator compass rose is designed to take us back to a simpler, quieter time when tall ships harnessed the wind. This gentle soothing design compliments any landscape either by the sea or far away. Like a beacon, let it light your way home....

WARNING:Ā Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include carbon monoxide and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

NOTE:Ā Do not tarp your fire pit, the tarp will cause the patina to blacken and stop the oxidation process. In many cases, the color of the tarp will transfer to the new steel. During the maturing process keep wet leaves and debris off the piece until the steel matures. Allow the piece to mature with each fire. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Fire Pit ArtĀ®.

    If you like this Fire Pit but looking for a Wood Burning type, here's the Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Wood Burning Fire Pit - NAV

    Check out this Fire Pit Art Navigator 36-inch Gas Fire Pit - NAV today! Reach us to shop now here at Flame Authority!


      The Liquid Propane and Natural Gas burning variants of the Navigator Fire Pit include a Penta 24" 200K BTU burner. This burner provides a flame that is great for small to medium-sized gatherings. The package also includes a whistle-free flex line, Dante valve, burner plate, and lava rock. We hope your Fire Pit ArtĀ® provides many wonderful memories for your family and friends.

      Match Lit System: We utilize the very best technology and components for gas fuel conversions at Fire Pit ArtĀ®. This is why we now use the patented Stainless Steel Penta burner designed by HPC. Their burner provides a uniform & full campfire effect for your fire pit and works well with the lava rock that is included. HPC also includes a lifetime warranty with your burner for added peace of mind.

      AWEIS System: All Weather Electronic Ignition System includes 24 volt AC Transformer, Fire Module, Heat Shield, and Install Instructions. For those who wish for the ease and sophistication available with electronic ignition, we add state-of-the-art AWEIS electronic ignition manufactured at Fire by DesignĀ®. These All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems are by far the safest, most durable electronic ignition systems on the market with flame sensing technology and windproof design.


      • Brand:Ā Fire Pit Art
      • Series:Ā  Navigator
      • SKU:Ā Ā 
        • Navigator-PENTA24-200K BTU-NG
        • Navigator-PENTA24-200K BTU-LP
        • Navigator-PENTA24-200K BTU-NG-AWEIS
        • Navigator-PENTA24-200K BTU-LP-AWEIS
      • UPC Code: 604310978679
        • 614405515443
        • 614405515450
        • 614405515467
        • 614405515474
      • Ignition Type:Ā Match Lit or Electric AWEIS
      • Fuel Type:Ā Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
      • Burner Specs:Ā  Navigator-PENTA24-200K BTU
      • What's Included:Ā  Fire Pit, Stainless Steel HPC PENTA Burner, Lava Rock, Flex Line Kit, and Plate
      • Product Height:Ā 24"
      • Overall Height:Ā 24"
      • Product Width:Ā 36"
      • Base Dept:Ā 6" / 19"
      • Pan Size: 24"
      • Lava Rock lbs.:Ā 60
      • Flex Line & Valve Kit: 1/2" Line
      • Actual Weight:Ā 185 lbs.

      Options and Accessories:

      Amish Fire Tools (AFT)

      We are very proud to introduce a line of Amish Fire Tools. These traditional tools are handcrafted by Amish farmers in a traditional blacksmith forge and are spectacular in design and construction. This set consists of an Ash Shovel, Fire Poker, and Log Tongs. These pieces are extremely robust and will outlast their new owners.

      Ā Amish Fire Tools

      Filling Station for Liquid Propane Tanks (Filling Station)

      Discretely contain a liquid propane tank inside this carbon steel hand-crafted Filling Station. Ā This piece can also be used as a side table. Ā The carbon steel is painted black.

      Filling Station for Liquid Propane Tanks

      Grill Tank Conversion Kit (CON-Kit)

      Grill Tank Conversion Kit.Ā  If you want or need the convenience of using a portable 20 lb. grill tank for your fuel source you will need this conversion kit.Ā Ā 

      Grill Tank Conversion Kit

      Spark Guard 36" (SG-36.0)

      Our spark guards are handcrafted from heavy stainless steel mesh and two-inch-wide 304 stainless steel bands. Then painted with black high-temperature paint. Our spark guards are handcrafted to fit only Fire Pit Art. Only fits this Fire Pit Art style: Antlers, Bella Luna, Crater, Funky Dog, Fleur de Lis, Low Boy 36", Kokopelli, Navigator, Sea Creatures, and flat top 36" bowls (four handles are mounted horizontally on the lower frame ring.)

      Spark Guard 36" (SG-36.0)

      Steel Table Top Lid 40" (Steeltop-40)

      This 1/8" carbon steel table top has an iron oxide patina. The 40" tabletop is created to cover our 36" fire pits which include Asia 36", Antlers, Beachcomber, Bella Luna, Crater, Fleur de Lis, Funky Dog, Kokopelli, Longhorn, Low Boy, Manta Ray, Navigator, Sea Creatures and Tropical Moon.

      Steel Table Top Lid 40" (Steeltop-40)

      Stone Base - Crab Orchard Stone (STONE)

      Fire Pit Limestone Base:Ā Tennessee Crab Orchard variegated limestone flagstone, separated from the Earth. Protect the surface below your fire pit and enjoy its beautiful natural look.Ā 

      Stone Base - Crab Orchard Stone

      Roasting Stick (SMORES)

      Love the outdoors, but can't fathom the idea of leaving the creature comforts behind? Why not camp in style? Designed with the glamper (or glamorous camper) in mind. This artistic Marshmallow Roasting Art is crafted of steel and baked with porcelain enamel, and is meant to be used over an open flame.

      Roasting Stick

      • Log Racks

      Crescent Log Rack - Carbon Steel (CRLR-C)

      This Fire Pit Art Crescent Firewood Rack can hold an evening's worth of firewood with a wing span of 39" and 21" in height.Ā  The iron oxide finish will darken over time and is maintenance-free. The Crescent Firewood Rack is not just a practical wood rack; it is a piece of art in its own right.

      Crescent Log Rack - Carbon Steel

      Crescent Log Rack - Stainless Steel (CRLR-S)

      Truly a timeless piece, this one-quarter-inch thick solid stainless steel log rack is certain to last a lifetime. The sleek modern design combined with uncompromising functionality creates the perfect accent piece for your backyard fire pit.

      Crescent Log Rack - Stainless Steel

      Orbital Log Rack (CRLR-S)

      This massive Circle Log Rack encompasses your wood and keeps it dry. Ā Created using 3/16" mild carbon steel and weighing in at 180 lbs. this piece will last a lifetime.Ā 

      Orbital Log Rack

      WOF-Carbon Steel (WOF-Carbon)

      Graceful curving steel caressing your firewood. Made of soft carbon steel.

      WOF-Carbon Steel

      WOF-Stainless Steel (WOF-Stainless)

      Graceful curving steel caressing your firewood. Made of stainless steel.

      WOF-Stainless Steel

      • Customizations

      Hemispherical Cut Out (HEMC)

      Customize your fire pit with your designs. We want to make your vision a reality!

      Hemispherical Cut Out

      Flat Surface Cut Out (FSC)

      Customize the base of your fire pit. Character limitations do apply.

      Flat Surface Cut Out

      Flat Surface Embossing (EMB)

      Customize the lid of your fire pit. Image and character limitations do apply.

      Flat Surface Embossing

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