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NO SALES TAX & FREE SHIPPING On Most Orders! Call or Text (800) 923-4556 to get the lowest price online! NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9AM-7PM EST

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i

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Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i Review

Want to have a fun experience grilling in your own home? Check out the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i and find out about it!

The Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series Built-In Grill provides the ultimate high-end grill that's crafted for cooking versatility, durability, and longevity - truly a grill of masterful design and engineering

When only the best will do, our top-of-the-line Fire Magic Echelon grill combines the ultimate in performance, beauty, and innovation.  With sleek lines, a unique contoured face, and state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition and blue backlit knobs with a Window.  Echelon Diamond defines luxury in grilling.

 Available in other sizes:  E660i 30", E790i 36" and E1060i 48" sizes models


Fire Magic Grills are made by people who demand the best, for people who demand the best. Every Fire Magic product is made with passion and care by highly skilled craftsmen. Outdoor grilling equipment is all we’ve ever made.

Our grills are constructed of the highest quality, heavy gauge, and appliance-grade stainless steel. With unsurpassed attention to the most precise detail in design and construction, Fire Magic Grills are the most elegant, and the most durable barbecues available. They easily perform at the highest temperatures for the longest time of any outdoor barbecue grill. Unmatched performance and cooking versatility are yours when you own a Fire Magic Grill. Fire Magic’s superior technology and construction have set the standard for more than 75 years, and that’s still true today.

Order the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i today at Flame Authority and enjoy barbeque parties even more!

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


Diamond Sear Cooking Grids are superior! Diamond Sear Cooking Grids have a patented* design with bars that have a smooth flat top; each bar measures over .35” wide at the top covering over one-half of the total cooking surface. Each bar is shaped to optimally transfer the heat from the burners to the cooking surface so food cooks faster and more evenly!

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


Burners Made of ¼” Thick Cast 304 Stainless Steel 304 grade burners weighing up to 12 lbs, featuring a lifetime warranty. Designed with a protective lip above the ports to prevent clogging from grease. Guaranteed for life.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i

Smooth, seamless lines with polished highlights that feature back-lit knobs (at 41°) with comfort touch grips and flame icons for convenience and safety (flame turns red when on).

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


Flavor Grids perform by allowing heat to rise unobstructed from the burner to cooking grids. They disperse heat quickly and evenly flavor the food by vaporizing juices and minimizing flare-ups and grease fires. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


The Echelon Diamond E660 and E790 grills have 2 internal halogen lamps. The E1060 grill has 3 lamps.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


Hot Surface Ignition System is the most advanced and reliable lighting system available. Simply push in the control knob to activate the hot surface, turn up the gas, and light your grill. 110V electricity needed.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i RECESSED INFRARED QUANTUM BACKBURNER
The Quantum Backburner uses 100% Stainless Steel foam which provides much more BTU heat for quicker more efficient rotisserie grilling. It includes a Stainless Steel Cover to protect the back burner when not in use.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i ECHELON DRIP TRAY
Built with ball bearings for easy glide. Perfect size for easy handling. Use with Fire Magic drip tray liners for convenient cleanup.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i CHROME DIGITAL THERMOMETER WITH MEAT PROBE

State-of-the-art electronic thermometer display, with meat probe, has an impressive array of features including a Built-in oven light switch Choice of 4 colors for backlighting

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


Enhance the flavor of the food you grill with the Charcoal/Smoker Basket (featured on every Echelon Diamond grill) The Charcoal/Smoker Basket grills with charcoal or smokes with soaked wood chips. Stainless steel basket sits on top of the burner easily igniting the charcoal or wood chips.

  • Available in 30", 36" and 48" sizes models
  • Quantum backburner & rotisserie kit
  • Back-lit control knobs
  • Charcoal/Smoker Basket included
  • Hot surface ignition
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 27" x 52.125" x 30.5"
  • Cooking Surface (W x D): 48″ x 22"
  • Cooking Area: 1056 sq. in.
  • Warming Rack (W x D): 48″ x 22″
  • Warming Rack Area: 1056 sq. in.
  • Main Burners BTUs: 112,000
  • Backburner BTUs: 22,000
  • No. of Quantum Backburner(s): 2
  • No. of Internal Halogen Lamps: 3
  • Rotisserie Kit: Included in all Models (E660I, E790i, E1060i)
  • Cutout Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.5" x 50" x 23.5"
  • Hot Surface Ignition: 120 VAC/12
  • Weight: 350 lbs
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 48" Built-In Grill E1060i


All Fire Magic Echelon grills and Aurora (A790 & A660) Grills are offered with an optional Magic View Window, which allows you to monitor grilled foods without lifting the hood and losing valuable heat.


INFRARED BURNER Ideal for searing steaks or when quick, high heat is desirable.


PROTECTIVE COVER Custom fitted to Fire Magic grills and accessories, these black covers are manufactured with a PVC exterior and Polyester breathable interior providing excellent protection to your Fire Magic grill for years and years to come.

Fire Magic 3567 Grilling Tray

Fire Magic Grilling Tray provides a unique grilling accessory to allow additional various cooking methods while on your grill. The unique design allows you to sauté straight on your gas grill. Its durable construction ensures a long-lasting product - perfect for your Fire Magic grill.

Fire Magic Grill Light Accessory 3574

Fire Magic Grill Light Accessory ensures a long-lasting and quality product while the bright 10-watt halogen bulb will shine brightly over the surface of your grill. The mounting bracket attaches easily to the rotisserie unit on all Aurora Series & AOG grills and the sealed On/Off switch stays protected from grease. Stop cooking in the dark and cast a bright light over your grill with this Grill Light from Fire Magic


Fire Magic Pizza Stone Kit with Wooden Pizza Peel are extremely durable and are built to outlast all others.


Fire Magic Wok 15” Hard Anodized with Stainless Steel Cover has a Hard-anodized stick-resistant lined interior surface that measures 14” in diameter.


Firebox Magic Vent Hood 60" Spacer is a great accessory to your Fire Magic Vent Hood in order to cover the optional vent spacer. This unit is intended to be used with the 48" Fire Magic Vent Hoods that have the optional 8" spacer to cover the unsightly ductwork and provide a cleaner, more professional look.


Fire Magic 5 pc. Tool Set in Nylon Case is composed of stainless steel tongs, a meat fork, a silicone-tipped basting brush, a slotted flat spatula with a built-in bottler opener, and a two-sided grill brush. The whole set also includes a quality zippered nylon case for storing the tools when not in use.


Fire Magic Griddle Porcelain Cast Iron is made up of a unique porcelain-coating cast iron construction for a heavy and even cooking surface that ensures a durable product that can last long


SMOKER BOX Fire Magic 3561 Smoker Box makes cooking with wood chunks or charcoal is easier than ever. The basket sits on top of the burner, gas burners ignite the chunks or coals. Includes smoker cover and bottom tray that catches ashes for easy clean-up. Includes easy-to-use safety cover


Fire Magic Charcoal/Smoker Basket Utilizing the gas burners to ignite the chunks or coals, your charcoal fire is ready to cook in minutes

Fire Magic 3615E Rotisserie Turkey Holder

Fire Magic Rotisserie Turkey Holder is a sturdy holder that is also perfect for beef, pork, and lamb roasts


Fire Magic Turkey Frying Pot Kit includes making you amazed at how tender a deep-fried turkey can be. Kit includes pot, inner basket with a sturdy handle, and thermometer probe. Great as a crab or corn pot.


Firebox Magic Vent Hood 60" Spacer provides an accessory to your Fire Magic Vent Hood in order to cover the optional vent spacer. This unit is intended to be used with the 60" Fire Magic Vent Hoods that have the optional 8" spacer to cover the unsightly ductwork and provide a cleaner, more professional look.


Fire Magic Griddle, Stainless Steel features a unique Stainless Steel cast iron construction for a heavy and even cooking surface that ensures a long-lasting and durable product.


Fire Magic Warming Rack Extender Fire Magic 3682A Warming Rack Extender adds 100 square inches of indirect grilling (or warming) space to 22” deep Echelon and Aurora Grills with the Warming Rack Extender, simply hook on the rear edge of the existing warming rack

Fire Magic  Foil Drip Tray Liners Echelon 3558-12

Fire Magic  Foil Drip Tray Liners Echelon is a disposable drip tray protector for a quick and easy clean. This is designed specifically for your Fire Magic grill's drip tray to allow a simple, no-hassle clean-up for your Fire Magic


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    Fire Magic premium gas grills are an investment that lasts a lifetime. That’s because each product is designed, engineered, and built to the absolute highest quality standards for unmatched beauty and performance to be enjoyed for years and years. It’s why Fire Magic stand behind their products by offering the industry’s best warranty programs. The pride of owning a Fire Magic Grill lasts a lifetime.


    When Investing in a Grill, Consider the Assurance Provided By the Fire Magic Warranty:

    • Fire Magic pays for the first year labor allowance
    • Fire Magic pays for shipping warranted replacement parts
    • Fire Magic pays for shipping warranted defective parts back to the factory
    • Fire Magic’s qualified technical service representatives are available 10 hours a day 5 days a week to assist with questions, installation and service.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Cast stainless steel burners, Choice stainless steel u-shaped burners, Fire Magic Diamond Sear and rod stainless steel cooking grids and stainless steel housing are under warranty for as long as you own your grill.

    Fifteen Year Warranty

    Brass valves, inner liners, manifold assemblies, porcelain (including ovens and barbecue faces) and backburner assemblies (except ignition systems) are under warranty for fifteen (15) years.

    Ten Year Warranty

    Electric grills, including stainless steel cooking grids and electric grill stainless steel housing are under warranty for ten (10) years (except ignition systems).

    Five Year Warranty

    Flavor grids, infrared burners in the grill, charcoal stainless steel grills (except for the charcoal pan, charcoal grid, wood pellet screen, thermometer and ash tray which are under warranty for one year) are under warranty for five (5) years.

    Three Year Warranty

    Fire Magic side burners and all other Fire Magic components (except ignition systems and electrical parts) are under warranty for three (3) years.

    One Year Warranty

    Fire Magic ignition systems (excluding batteries), electrical components (including lights and thermometer) and grill accessories are under warranty for one (1) year.

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