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    Autumn season is definitely the time to start investing in your fireplace. Take advantage of the GREAT DEALS we have available on the products you need to make sure your fireplace is a great investment for years to come!

    Get huge discounts on Modern Flames high quality electric fireplaces and modern fireplaces – up to 50% off!

    Why choose Modern Flames?

    Modern, stylish, and sleek are the words to describe the electric fireplaces from Modern Flames. Recognized as the innovator in terms of both design and technology for the most realistic electric fireplaces, modern electric fireplaces, and modern electric fireplace inserts.

    Some of their products include the best electric fireplace inserts, built-in electric fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces, wall mount electric fireplaces, linear electric fireplaces, 3-sided electric fireplaces, LED fireplaces, etc.

    Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces on Sale

    Featured: Modern Flames Sedona Pro Multi 36" 3-Sided Electric Fireplace SPM-3626

    Here are the best electric fireplaces and electric inserts for fireplaces:



    What is the best electric fireplace for heating rooms?

    Check out the brands with the best electric fireplace for heating your living spaces in this blog: Best Electric Fireplace Brands

    Do electric fireplaces give off heat? 

    Yes, electric fireplaces generate heat.

    Where to buy electric fireplace inserts?

    Flame Authority, your trusted dealer and authorized seller who sells electric fireplaces and realistic electric fireplace inserts – offering BIG DISCOUNTS this Fall Edition Sale. Up to 50% OFF. 

      Shop Modern Flames - Fall Edition Sale at Flame Authority. If you have any concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-800-923-4556
      92 products